Get a citizen science “brag badge”

brag badges - 3As long as you’re making observations, recording data, and learning all this cool stuff as a citizen scientist, why not brag about it with a Science for Citizens Web badge?

To create your own badge that declares your areas of specialty, just go to MyPage (if you’re not already a member of Science for Citizens, please join first), click on Brag Badges, type in the kind of citizen scientist you are, then copy the snippet of HTML that you see in the Copy and Paste box.

On your blog, Web site, or any other online platform, look for the spots where you’re allowed to insert a bit of code—in postings, on sidebars, and in any place that allows badges, widgets, and “embeds.” Paste the HTML snippet into one of those spots, and voilà—your brag badge will appear.

Brag on, scientists!

Categories: Citizen Science