Site status: We’re doing better now, thank you

squirrel square Things have been a little squirrely in the last several days, what with the hiccups and ugly error messages that greeted a few selected members. Sorry about that.

But now our intrepid engineer, Daniel, has set things straight again.

Scientists and organizers of citizen science projects, you can once more reliably share your programs with our community by adding a project to our Project Finder. (Remember, you have to be a member of the site to submit projects.) The gremlins have also been chased away from the workings of member profiles, so it should again be easy to upload a photo of yourself or to view the profiles of your fellow citizen scientists.

Inevitably, we’ll have more high jinks during this break-in period. Please let us know if you trip over something so that we can fix it right away. Meanwhile, we’ll continue building the rest of the site and finishing the visual design of those areas that have not yet been fully dolled up.

Thanks for joining us on the adventure.

Categories: Citizen Science