The hummingbird versus Godzilla–on video!

lizard next to bird nest with eggs
Lizard approaches Phoebe’s eggs

To fans of hummingbirds and “nature cams,” Phoebe Allens needs no introduction. She’s an intrepid little momma bird whose adventures in nurturing her young have been well documented by a Web cam pointed at her nest in a rose bush in Orange County, California. Now that spring is nearly here, it’s time for another exciting episode, which apparently unfolded in front of the video camera on Tuesday. Phoebe’s videographer has titled this “Godzilla attack.”

As explained on Phoebe’s Facebook page, Phoebe bravely defended her nest from a lizard several times her size. She then removed a damaged egg so that it wouldn’t attract any more attackers. As of the latest report, “She’s nervously checking and sitting on the other egg.”

In the video clip below, you can see the lizard approach the nest at 0:22. Phoebe counter-attacks about five seconds later, soon knocking the assailant off its branch. At 3:51, you can see Phoebe removing the egg from the nest with her beak. (To watch a round-the-clock, live feed, visit Phoebe’s Web site.)

What are some of your favorite nature cams?

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