How to Winterize Your Trees

Winterize your trees!Two weeks ago, I had the opportunity to plant three trees during a Casey Trees community tree planting event in Washington, D.C.  On that freezing cold December morning, I got to thinking: how do trees survive the winter months? Is there anything can we do to make it easier for them?

Well, it turns out that caring for trees is indeed a year-round commitment, including winter months. The steps we take now will help ensure that trees will be around for years to come. There are several opportunities to help researchers monitor and protect trees: Urban Forest Map, TreeWatchThe Great Yew Tree HuntSeward Park Hemlock Tree Monitoring and other projects listed in the Science For Citizens Project Finder.

If you’re a tree lover, Casey Trees just released its Winter Almanac, which provides some great tips to ensure that your trees are healthy and ready to flourish this spring.

The almanac includes information on the importance of inspecting for broken branches, how frequently to water trees, how to protect them from pesky deer, and when to prune. Check it out and good luck winterizing your trees!

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