Have you seen this swan?

The Trumpeter Swan is the largest bird in North America, but in the early 20th Century, they were extremely hard to see. Over-hunted for their feathers and skins, these beautiful birds once teetered on extinction. In the early 1900s, fewer than 100 remained in the wild. Despite decades of subsequent protection under the Migratory Bird … Read more “Have you seen this swan?”

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Citizen Science featured in Europe’s Business Spotlight magazine

Business Spotlight magazine is Europe’s leading magazine for international business communication in English.This month, the magazine includes a feature on “citizen scientists” (folks without science degrees who contribute to real science). The article gives a few nods to the work of SciStarter (formerly known as Science For Citizens) and the many projects featured in our … Read more “Citizen Science featured in Europe’s Business Spotlight magazine”

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Top 11 Citizen Science Projects of 2011

Drumroll, please! Here are SciStarter’s top 11 citizen science projects from the past year. The list was generated based on the number of visits in our Project Finder. Thanks for joining our journey. Wait until you hear what we’ve got cooking for 2012! Happy New Year from the SciStarter team! 11.¬†ClimatePrediction.net Climateprediction.net is a distributed … Read more “Top 11 Citizen Science Projects of 2011”

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