Summer is busy season for butterflies – and citizen scientists!

Did you know that SciStarter has 14 projects that feature butterflies?

Photo: USFWS
Photo: USFWS

This is a product of the growing citizen science brigade, but also the fact that butterflies offer an accessible and fun way for people of all ages to engage in citizen science. Butterflies themselves are not only beautiful to look at, but they serve as excellent indicators of biological responses to the environment, which is why scientists need your help to count, monitor, and study them.

Summer is an especially great time to try out one of our butterfly projects, as it is breeding season for many species, including the iconic Monarch. Butterflies are everywhere and getting busy!

Because studying butterflies is such a good fit with citizen science, SciStarter features butterfly projects that range in difficulties, study locations, and levels of involvement. There is sure to be a project to fit your needs.

Whether you live in CanadaIllinoisMaineFlorida, or the UK, we have you covered. Our projects range from monitoring monarch butterfly larvae, to raising actual butterflies for long-term observation.

We also have several projects that involve simple observations of butterflies, and can be done anywhere in the nation!

Most recently, we added a project called The Big Butterfly Count. This project is going on right now and continues until August 5th. What makes the Big Butterfly Count unique is that it’s a super easy project for people of all ages. The project requires just fifteen minutes of observation and even provides a printable identification poster!

All you have to do is observe butterflies for fifteen minutes to count the number and kind of species, and then submit your results online. It couldn’t be simpler.

Remember, the project ends soon so get out and start counting today. Who knows, you might even get inspired to fill the rest of your summer with butterflies by exploring one of the many other SciStarter butterfly projects!

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