Scientists call for your good germs to send to space!

Here’s a link to a television news segment that aired this week on Minneapolis/St.Paul NBC affiliate Kare11’s. Nice shout out to the SciStarter, Science Cheerleader, UCDavis citizen science project we are launching. It’s called Project MERCCURI! Sign up to get involved and send us microbes from your touchscreen device so we can compare patterns … Read more “Scientists call for your good germs to send to space!”

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Track hummingbird migration changes starting March 15.

By Carolyn Graybeal Hummingbirds are mesmerizing. Their iridescent feathers. How they hover in the air. But these tiny birds are not just eye candy. Hummingbirds play a critical role in the ecosystem. They help keep insect populations in check. They pollinate flowers as they roam for nectar. Unfortunately scientists are observing that migration patterns are … Read more “Track hummingbird migration changes starting March 15.”

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Citizen Science Academy: Bunny Slippers Optional

  When I first became involved in online professional development (PD) courses about 10 years ago, the casual approach to participation in terms of time and attire were often noted as desirable features. An often-touted advantage to online PD was that individuals could participate at 3 a.m. wearing pajamas and bunny slippers. Over the years, … Read more “Citizen Science Academy: Bunny Slippers Optional”

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Can crowd work (or citizen science) become a career option?

From Carnegie Mellon University Research could ensure that crowd work becomes a career option, not a dead end Carnegie Mellon scientists and other crowd work researchers issue call to action. PITTSBURGH—Crowdsourcing is an effective way to mobilize people to accomplish tasks on a global scale, but some researchers fear that crowd work for pay could … Read more “Can crowd work (or citizen science) become a career option?”

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What would you do with this technology?

Scientific research aims to answer questions, progress disciplinary knowledge, and ultimately better society by providing new applications of technology and ideas toward common problems. But, over time, the products of our countless research projects, while potentially still useful, go unutilized, and can be forgotten in the basements of University libraries or the dusty archives of … Read more “What would you do with this technology?”

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