Water, Water, Everywhere (and Water Projects Too!)

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Here at SciStarter, we’re learning something new every day. Last month, when we featured the World Water Monitoring Challenge as a great citizen science project for the classroom, we learned about World Water Monitoring Day. This is celebrated on September 18th and brings people together from around the globe to help keep an eye on our most precious natural resource. (Order your test kit, and get involved!)

On our homepage, and in our current newsletter (sign up to receive our newsletter!), we are featuring five additional water quality monitoring projects, but there are many more. Use our Project Finder or look for one near you on the list below.

Note: These are mostly web-based projects, so it doesn’t matter where you participate from. However, we highlighted which regions these projects benefit to help you choose!

Dr. Jenna Lang spends her days exploring the various means by which microbes rule the world. She has worked with Jonathan Eisen since 2006, first as an employee of the DOE Joint Genome Institute, then as a Microbiology PhD student, and now as a permanent fixture in his lab at UC Davis. Jenna became hooked on Citizen Science while working with Darlene on Project MERCCURI, and now aims to include a citizen science component in all future research projects. For fun, she likes to play poker, at the Bellagio, in her wedding dress.

Image: Jose Manuel Suarez

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