Music Lovers Take Note: Citizen Science Music Projects!

We’ve synthesized a list of five musical citizen science projects. Fine tune your brain while contributing to research!

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Perfect Pitch Test

Do you have absolute pitch, the ability to identify or recreate a musical note without any reference? If so, researchers at the Perfect Pitch Test need your help. Get started!


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Imagine listening to your favorite song. When do you nod your head and sing along? That’s the hook! Everyone knows the hook when they hear it, but scientists don’t know why. Help them figure it out. Get started!


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What’s the Score at Bodleian?

Over four thousand digitized scores, mostly piano music from the 19th century, are available online. Provide descriptions of these scores and help future research into music of the Victorian age. Get started!


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Sing About Science

SingAboutScience has a searchable database which teachers and others can use to find content-rich songs on specific scientific and mathematical topics. Help find and catalogue relevant songs. Get started!


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Songs From the Science Frontier

A citizen science project for a song about citizen science! Musician Monty Harper has written an original song about citizen science (and SciStarter!) and needs your help. Send him photos of you or others doing citizen science by November 12 to be compiled into a slideshow-style music video that will accompany the song. Get started!


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The TODAY Show participated in Project MERCCURI, a citizen science project to compare microbes on Earth and in space. Check it out!

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