Winter Weather: Citizen Science Projects to Make You Feel Warm and Fuzzy Inside

Baby, it’s cold outside! To mark the first day of winter on December 21st, the SciStarter team put together this list of wintery Citizen Science projects. We bet you’ll feel warm and fuzzy inside when you participate.

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Counting Weddell Seals in Antarctica

Even if your local winter weather does not include ice and snow, you can take a virtual trip to Antarctica. Use satellite images to help scientists count Wedell Seals. Get started!


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IceWatch USA

As an IceWatch USA™ volunteer, you observe a water body in your area over the winter, and report on weather (snow, precipitation, ice cover) as well as wildlife activity. Get started!


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Old Weather

Transcribe Arctic and worldwide weather observations made by United States’ ships since the mid-19th century. Help scientists create accurate climate models. Historians will use your work to track past ship movements and tell the stories of the people on board. Get started!


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You can complain about your flu symptoms (or boast about your health) while helping scientists measure influenza trends. Get started!


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Snow Tweets

Contribute to real-time research by Tweeting your snow and ice depth measurements to researchers at the University of Waterloo, Canada. Get started!


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