Welcoming Our SciStarter Interns: Mariana, Stephen, and Caroline

SciStarter is welcoming some new interns to our team! Here they are to tell you about their projects. We encourage you to leave a comment to say hello, and don’t be shy about reaching out to them directly about their projects.

mariana scistarter intern

Hi everyone! My name is Mariana Surillo, and I am a sophomore at Saint Joseph’s University. I’m majoring in Environmental Science, with a minor in Economics.

I am really excited to be a part of SciStarter. Right now I am focusing in researching citizen science projects based in Philadelphia that can be showcased in the 76ers game on February 18. I am looking forward to networking and engaging with scientists, researchers, and citizen volunteers in Philadelphia and to have the opportunity to learn as much as I can from this experience. E-mail me at mariana@scistarter.com!


stephen mellett intern scistarter

Hi everyone, my name is Stephen Mellett and I am currently a junior at Saint Joseph’s University. I’m majoring in Economics with an interest in the housing market. 

With SciStarter, I will be researching projects to promote at the 76ers game in February and the Philadelphia Science Festival while working alongside with project organizers and teammates. Through hard work I hope to bring something unique and special to the organization that we as a whole can benefit from! E-mail me at stephen@scistarter.com!



My name is Caroline Kuldell and I’m a junior in high school at Buckingham Browne & Nichols in Cambridge.

This winter, I’ve been helping with some university and science festival outreach. I’m also helping with the Cambridge Science Festival in April. You can reach me at caroline@scistarter.com!


Read more about the SciStarter team! We’re always looking for volunteer contributors and interns! If you’re interested in science, blogging, crowdsource tech, and being part of an exciting, creative new venture, send a note describing your qualifications to info@scistarter.com.

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