SciStarter at the Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014!


Science for all, and all for science.

SciStarter will be presenting at the Citizen Cyberscience Summit in London this upcoming week from February 20 to 22nd. There, a multitude of organizations and groups will convene to discuss the most pertinent issues regarding citizen science today and for the future. Take a look at the sessions that SciStarter will be a part of!

Thursday, 2/20 @ 12:00pm BST

Citizen Science Association: an ironic story on the necessity for professionalization

led by Caren Cooper, SciStarter contributor & researcher at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

*This talk is part of the POLICY AND CITIZEN SCIENCE track*


Thursday, 2/20 @ 3:30PM BST

It Takes a Village: Engaging Participants Beyond Clickwork

led by Darlene Cavalier

*This talk is part of the CREATIVITY & LEARNING track*


Friday, 2/21 @ 11:20AM to 1:00PM BST

Workshop – Connecting Communities of Citizen Scientists

led by Darlene Cavalier and Francois Grey

This workshop addresses some of the challenges experienced by citizen scientists participating in multiple projects across different platforms. Project designers and developers will present various models for managing identity and rewards. There will be an open discussion of what works, and what doesn’t. Participants will brainstorm about practical solutions for connecting communities, some of which may lead to concrete demos during the conference hack day. Amongst those contributing to the discussion are:

Yasser Ansari (Project Noah – Independent)
Shannon Dosemagen (Public Lab – Independent)
Nicholas Johnson (Trash Lab – CUSP, NYU)
Lucas Blair (Mozilla Badge expert – Independent)
Dongbo Bo (CAS@home – Chinese Academy of Sciences)
Daniel Lombrana Gonzales (Crowdcrafting)
Scott Loarie (iNaturalist – Stanford U)


Saturday, 2/22 @ 5:00pm BST

Publishing citizen science – more than just an afterthought

led by Caren Cooper, SciStarter contributor & researcher at Cornell Lab of Ornithology

As citizen science studies become less of a novelty, and more embedded in the scientific arena, we’d like to host a panel session looking at how publishers can adapt their practices to work with citizen scientists in making their results accessible. we’ll consider how we publish citizen science studies to ensure visibility to citizen scientists after publication, and how publication can promote projects to new audiences of potential citizen scientists.


All day Saturday: HACK DAY

SciStarter Dashboard Challenge

During this challenge, we will explore ways to improve the experience for participants who want to move between different projects running on different platforms. Help SciStarter and friends design the first-of-its-kind citizen science dashboard to help participants find, get involved in, and track contributions to projects across multiple platforms.


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