April showers, May flowers!

Fatigued from measuring all that April precipitation? Embrace cheerful blooms all around you and share your phenology observations (seasonal changes in plants and animals, year to year) with these citizen science projects. Find more phenology projects on SciStarter.

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Project BudBurst

Choose a plant to monitor and share your observations with others online. Improve understanding of continental-scale environmental change. Get started!


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Nature’s Notebook

Gather information on plant and animal phenology to be used for decision-making on local, national and global scales. Goal: collect one million observation records in 2014! Get started! (Image: Brian Forbes Powell)


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Mountain Watch

Planning to be in the Appalachian mountains? Participate in alpine ecology and climate science research! Get started!


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And, FINALLY! Project MERCCURI blasted off to space on April 18th! When you see the International Space Station flying over your house this month, smile! Our citizen science research project is up there! Learn more about what’s next on www.SpaceMicrobes.org.

Get involved in our next BIG project! NASA’s Asteroid Initiative! Sign up to learn more here.

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