Aflutter for Moths and Butterflies

With National Moth Week worldwide AND the Big Butterfly Count in the UK launching on July 19, we’re all aflutter! SciStarter’s editors netted a list of seven other Moth and Butterfly research projects.

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Take and upload photographs of moths near your porch light. You can identify them if you’d like, or these researchers we’ll help. Get started!


unnamed (1)Pieris
Catch a few cabbage white butterflies, and send ’em in! With your help, researchers can create the world’s most comprehensive butterfly collection to learn how the cabbage white butterfly has adapted to new environments as it expanded across the globe. Get started!


Journey North
Get involved in this study of Monarch butterfly migration and seasonal change. Share your field observations with others across North America. Find free dynamic migration maps, pictures, and more! Get started!



Butterflies and Moths of North America
This web site and database shares butterfly and moth species information with the public via dynamic maps, checklists, and species pages. Data are updated in real time and come from a variety of sources, including citizen scientists. Get started!


L.A. Butterflies
The Museum of Natural History, Los Angeles County, is partnering with Butterflies and Moths of North America (above) to share data and learn more about L.A. butterflies and moths. There are 237 species recorded for L.A, County, but how many can you find? Get started!


Project Silkmoth
Help scientists learn more about silkmoths and learn more about them yourself in the process. Silkmoth accepts sightings of giant silkmoths from northern New York State. Get started!



Photograph butterflies and moths anywhere in Africa to map their distribution and help determine conservation priorities on the African continent. Get started!


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This is week on The Pulse and SciStarter’s segment about citizen science, producer Kimberly Haas speaks with Dan Duran, who is running a project that monitors the elusive Elaphrus beetle to monitor stream health.  Listen and learn!

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