A Fabulous Menu of Citizen Science for Thanksgiving

We’ve updated and reposted this Thanksgiving Day treat,  from Lily Bui! Dig into this serving of Thanksgiving projects with your friends and family! Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count Help researchers take census of winter Monarch butterflies. Count Monarchs in colonies, during the mornings around Thanksgiving. Get started!

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8 Days Left! Let’s Make More Citizen Science Journalism Possible!

We’re working with Beacon, an independent platform for journalism, to crowdfund an expansion of SciStarter’s citizen science coverage. We have 8 days left to reach our goal of $6,000 to make this happen. Today, we’re 13 percent of the way there. Let’s get to 25 percent together by the end of the day today! You can back our project … Read more “8 Days Left! Let’s Make More Citizen Science Journalism Possible!”

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SciStarter Hackfest Coming to CitSci2015!

Editor’s Note: This post originally appeared on the CitSci2015 blog at the Citizen Science Association What: A hands-on meet-up where everyone participates in dreaming up AND building creative tools to improve the field of citizen science! Where: Citizen Science 2015 Conference, San Jose, CA Who: The SciStarter team and YOU! Why: To capitalize on the collective wisdom (and desire … Read more “SciStarter Hackfest Coming to CitSci2015!”

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5 Citizen Science Projects to Keep You Healthy!

These projects are sure to go viral!   Flu activity is expected to increase in the coming weeks. What can you do about it? For starters, get your flu vaccine (the CDC recommends an annual flu vaccine for everyone 6 months of age and older). Then, get involved in our editors’ list of citizen science projects designed to study viruses and … Read more “5 Citizen Science Projects to Keep You Healthy!”

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Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science

  Editors Note: This is a guest post by Gwen Ottinger, Ph.D., an assistant professor in the Center for Science, Technology, and Society at Drexel University.  She has done extensive research on community-based air monitoring and community-industry relations around oil refineries.  She is author of Refining Expertise: How Responsible Engineers Subvert Environmental Justice Challenges (NYU Press … Read more “Groundbreaking Air Quality Study Demonstrates the Power of Citizen Science”

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Tracking Rogue Earthworms With Citizen Science

Can’t get enough creepy crawlies? Check out our Halloween themed citizen science projects handpicked from SciStarter’s project database! The humble earthworm. Familiar and easy to forget, except perhaps after a rainy day, these benign wriggly creatures are undeniable environmental do-gooders, gently tilling the soil beneath our feet. They are the crux to a health ecosystem. … Read more “Tracking Rogue Earthworms With Citizen Science”

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Two days left to apply to participate online! Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative: A Citizen Forum

In August, we shared information about NASA’s Asteroid Initiative and Cooperative Agreement with ECAST (Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology), to enable everyday citizens to have a say in the future of space exploration. How does the online citizens’ forum work? Two in-person deliberations will take place on 11/8 in Phoenix, AZ at Arizona … Read more “Two days left to apply to participate online! Informing NASA’s Asteroid Initiative: A Citizen Forum”

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