Celebrate Thanksgiving with Citizen Science!

Photo: USFWS

For many people, Thanksgiving brings to mind family, friends, food, and football. ¬†For us here at SciStarter, it’s a time to give thanks to you! So thank you for making the world a better place through citizen science.

Below, you’ll find five projects that will put you in the Thanksgiving spirit!
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Candace Fallon, Xerces Society
Western Monarch Thanksgiving Count
Every year the monarch butterflies west of the Rocky Mountains migrate to the coast of California, where they spend the winter. In November and December, help monitor the population of these migrants!

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Denver Museum of Nature & Science
Genetics of Taste Lab
If you and your family can’t agree on a favorite Thanksgiving dessert, it could be because of genetics or the bacteria that live naturally in your mouth. Based at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, this project will help you learn more about your taste buds.

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New York State
Winter Wild Turkey Flock Survey
This NY-based project to monitor turkey flocks may not start until January, but it’s not too early to brush up on your turkey ID skills and scope out potential observation locations!

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Mushroom Observer
Whether you’re picking mushrooms to include in your Thanksgiving dinner stuffing or just out for an autumn hike, identifying mushrooms can be a tricky task! Learn how to identify mushrooms and contribute to related research.

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Lily Bui
Friday After Thanksgiving Chain Reaction

At this family-friendly MIT event (in Cambridge, MA) held the day after Thanksgiving, participants create chain reaction devices and then link them together. See what happens and share results with us!

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The Spanish project Stick Out Your Tongue is running a contest through¬†January 15th to analyze data on the bacteria in people’s mouths. There are a number of different challenges in statistics, bioinformatics, and data visualization.

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