Six Citizen Science Projects to Study Your Mind and Body

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From human cognition to gut microbes, people just like you are working with researchers to study the human mind and body.

Below, you’ll find six projects to do today.
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Flu Survey
This project tracks the spread of influence in the United Kingdom. If you have flu symptoms, report them via their easy online data form.

Feeling ill? Send in a nasal swab or saliva sample to be checked for viral infections and help scientists understand a person’s risk of becoming sick.

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American Gut
There are trillions of microbes occurring naturally in our guts. To better understand them, purchase a sampling kit and submit a sample of your gut microbes today!

Microbiome and Oral Health
Do you live in the San Francisco Bay area? If so, consider participating in this fee-based study, which is investigating the relationship between saliva and the bacteria in your mouth.  Participants also receive a free dental exam and cleaning! 
Get Started!

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The Online Wisdom Lab examines how cognition changes with age. You can play games and takes quizzes on your smartphone, while contributing to science at the same time!

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Can the time of day affect your cognitive functions? What about your moods? With this iPhone app, it only takes a few minutes to find out!

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