Spring, Citizen Science and some Irish luck!

Photo: CL Goforth
Critter Tracking
With spring weather upon us, many animals are on the move. Contribute your wildlife observations to advance scientific research. Learn how, below.

Find projects from our pals in Ireland, Canada, the EU, and now, Australia through our brand new international partnership. Like citizen science, SciStarter is global.

You can find more projects via the SciStarter Project Finder.

The SciStarter Team

Photo: Bumble Boosters
Queen Quest
How does climate affect bumble bees? With this new project, you can help answer this question by photographing and reporting first sightings of queen bumble bees in the spring.

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Photo: USFWS
Mourning Warbler Song Mapper
If you live in the eastern half of the United States, you might be familiar with the Mourning Warbler, but do you know what their song sounds like? If you do, by recording the songs of migrating males this spring, you can contribute to research on the migratory patterns of these beautiful birds.

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Photo:Walter Chadwick
Dragonfly Migration
Dragonflies are widespread but understudied. When you volunteer with this project, you’ll help to track the migration of five different species of North American dragonflies.

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Photo: Jenny Eckman
Journey North
You can monitor the migrations of butterflies, whooping cranes, whales, and more! Teachers will appreciate the educational resources, frequent updates, and interactive maps, which make it a great project for classes.

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Photo: USFWS
Operation RubyThroat
Ruby throated hummingbirds are among the most vibrant and recognizable birds in North and Central America. You can submit observations of their migratory and nesting behaviors to contribute to the knowledge base on these tiny birds.

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Credit_ Victoria J. Burton
Earthworm Watch
Launching this month! Improve our understanding of how humans affect earthworms and how this influences soil health. Dig two holes to count earthworms and measure some soil properties. PreRegister now!

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National Citizen Science Day!

SciStarter is a proud partner of National Citizen Science Day, presented by the Citizen Science Association. This celebration kicks off on April 16 and runs through May 21, 2016. Hundreds of events will be held throughout the country, and you can find them here.

Have your own event? Use the “Add an Event” form to post your event on this official Citizen Science Day event calendar!

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