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unnamedScientists need your help with a variety of audio-based research projects. Monitor noise levels near you; record sparrows’ songs to discover variations; track killer whales through audio recordings; and more!  Below, our editors highlight four citizen science projects focused on sounds.  Find more with the SciStarter Project Finder.

The SciStarter Team

Noise Map   
Noise can increase stress and make it difficult to concentrate. How noisy is your home, workplace, or neighborhood? Download an app to detect noise levels, compare your results to others, and help scientists build a global noise map!

Photo: Scott Ramsay
White-throat Song
Help researchers discover how the patterns of white-throated sparrows’ songs change over time and space. Simply record them singing and share your data.
Open to participants in Canada and the U.S.

Killer Whale Tracker
The Salish Sea Hydrophone Network needs your help to help monitor the critical habitat of endangered Pacific Northwest killer whales by detecting orca sounds (online) and measuring ambient noise levels.

Sing About Science
Songs about math and science are great for families, educators, and of course science enthusiasts! Sing About Science is a crowdsourced database with more than 7,000 songs. Find and add more songs!

There’s still time to register for the Citizen Science Maker Summit at Arizona State University 10/26-28!  Have you participated in CosmoQuest projects? Please provide feedback via this survey.  Want to learn more about the field of citizen science?  Check out this new, low-cost book on Amazon!

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Eva Lewandowski

Eva Lewandowski

Eva Lewandowski is the Citizen-based Monitoring Coordinator for the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, where she coordinates a statewide citizen science network. She has a PhD in Conservation Biology from the University of Minnesota and is an active volunteer.