If you sleep or age, you can do these projects!

unnamedCitizen Science about you.

Contribute to research on sleeping, aging, and even your fidgeting habits. Something for everyone.  Below, we highlight five fun projects that contribute to our understanding of the human race.  Find more with the SciStarter Project Finder.

The SciStarter Team

NYU Baby Sleep Study 
If you’re a parent, you can use a mobile app to record observations on your baby’s sleeping and eating patterns. The information will be used to provide advice to parents and investigate developmental disorders.

Cochrane Crowd  
Do you want to improve healthcare? With this project, you can help from your computer. Categorize the results of medical studies to make it easier for researchers to inventory the findings.

Photo: FaceTopo
No two faces are exactly alike. Help researchers understand the diversity of faces worldwide by using a free app to make a 3-dimensional image of your face.

Photo: Michael Karle
Fidget Widgets
If you spin pens, twist paperclips, or fidget with anything else while at work, this project needs your help! Share your story of what you do with your hands while your mind is at work, and contribute to research into the human mind.

Everyone ages, but some people look like they age slower than others. You can add to our understanding of aging by uploading pictures of yourself and guessing how old others are.
Join NASA and SciStarter by downloading the GLOBE Observer App through the iTunes App Store or Google Play and use the referral code SciStarterThen, start classifying the clouds above you!
The Wild Pollinator Count needs volunteers to count flies, bees, beetles, and other insects in Australia November 13-20.

SciStarter is looking for citizen scientists and project owners to test the new look and features of the site as part of our 2.0 release. Please email Catherine (catherine@scistarter.com) if you’re interested.

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