Out of Sight, Out Of Mind: Visualizing the Invisible

When smog is so thick that it clouds our vision, we can see and acknowledge that air pollution is a problem. In December of last year, China issued its second ever red alert, their highest rating for air pollution, and last month, London broke modern air pollution records. But on days when the haze has … Read more “Out of Sight, Out Of Mind: Visualizing the Invisible”

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Citizen Science in the City

Do you live or work in a city? Well, have we got the projects for YOU! Below, we highlight research projects in need of your help in cities.  Find more projects on SciStarter to do now or bookmark your favorites for later! Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Pluto, Planet Nine and Other Backyard Worlds

By: Marc J. Kuchner Eighty-seven years ago, this week, Clyde Tombaugh was poring over a pair of photographic plates, hoping to change the world.  He was staring hard into an arcane device called a blink comparator, which allowed him to rapidly switch from viewing one image to the next. In those days before computers, that was … Read more “Pluto, Planet Nine and Other Backyard Worlds”

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Join SciStarter at AAAS Family Science Days in Boston!

Join the SciStarter, Science Cheerleader and our partners from Discover Magazine and Astronomy Magazine at the free Family Science Days in Boston on February 18th-19th as part of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) annual meeting. This free event features tons of interactive science exhibits. Come talk with scientists, learn about their … Read more “Join SciStarter at AAAS Family Science Days in Boston!”

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Wildlife Disease Citizen Science

Wild animals get sick from parasites, fungi, and other causes just like people and pets do, but they don’t usually have doctors to help them get better. Instead, you can help them with citizen science! Below, we highlight five projects that study wildlife diseases. Find more projects on SciStarter to do now, or bookmark your … Read more “Wildlife Disease Citizen Science”

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