ASU and SciStarter host citizen science discussion on 6/20

On behalf of the Center for Engagement and Training in Science and Society, part of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society at Arizona State University, we invite you to attend an interactive presentation, “Citizen Science: an all hands-on-deck approach to advance scientific research.”
We will describe trends, opportunities, and challenges in citizen science (particularly related to recruiting, training, equipping and retaining participants) from the eye-of-the-storm perspective of SciStarter.
SciStarter is a National Science Foundation-supported, project agnostic platform supporting recruitment and retention of volunteers into over 1,000 citizen science initiatives from hundreds of organizations. The platform facilitates studies to improve our understanding of citizen science in partnership with Arizona State University, North Carolina State University, Colorado State University and dozens of other collaborators, including the Federal Community of Practice for Crowdsourcing and Citizen Science.
This event will include:
– a brief overview of citizen science;
– a presentation on SciStarter 2.0, a smart collection of web components, including a dashboard and integrated login, designed to extend, enhance, and enrich participant experiences while at the same time supporting STEM research and enabling research on motivations and learning outcomes of participants;
– and a discussion on future directions for SciStarter 3.0, given the opportunities and challenges facing participants, project organizers/researchers, and supporting agencies and foundations.
Please join us on Tuesday, June 20, 3:30-5pm at the beautiful District Architecture Center ( ) which is Metro accessible via the Gallery Place/Chinatown Station and two blocks from Metro Center Station.
Meet our NSF program officer Bob Russell and others from federal agencies, think tanks, research institutions and organizations.
The event is free but seating is limited. Please RSVP to by this Friday, 6/16.
The event will be shared via a webcast, recorded and posted here: .
Darlene Cavalier (ASU/SciStarter), Ira Bennett (ASU), and Caren Cooper (NCSU/SciStarter)

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Darlene Cavalier

Darlene Cavalier

Darlene Cavalier is a Professor at Arizona State University's Center for Engagement and Training, part of the School for the Future of Innovation in Society. Cavalier is the founder of SciStarter. She is also the founder of Science Cheerleader, an organization of more than 300 current and former professional cheerleaders pursuing STEM careers, and a cofounder of ECAST: Expert and Citizen Assessment of Science and Technology, a network of universities, science centers, and think tanks that produces public deliberations to enhance science policymaking. She is a founding board member of the Citizen Science Association, a senior advisor at Discover Magazine, a member of the EPA's National Advisory Council for Environmental Policy and Technology, and was appointed to the National Academy of Sciences "Designing Citizen Science to Support Science Learning" committee. She is the author of The Science of Cheerleading and co-editor of The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science, published by Arizona State University. Darlene holds degrees from Temple University and the University of Pennsylvania and was a high school, college and NBA cheerleader. Darlene lives in Philadelphia with her husband and four children.