Love Monarchs? Participate in the Monarch Monitoring Blitz This Week!

By Cora Lund Preston, Communication Specialist for Monarch Joint Venture The Monarch Monitoring Blitz has begun! Grab your hats, sunscreen and clipboards and join fellow citizen scientists for some fresh air and an international monarch monitoring blitz from July 29-August 5th! With enough reports, your information will provide a snapshot that helps scientists understand the range … Read more “Love Monarchs? Participate in the Monarch Monitoring Blitz This Week!”

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Celebrating Shark Week with Sevengill Sharks

This week is Shark Week so we wanted to celebrate by returning to three posts written about Sevengill Sharks and ways you can support their conservation through the Sevengill Sharks Tracking Project.  The first post (seen below) was published in 2013 with others following in 2015 and 2016.  Not really into carnivorous fish? Check out … Read more “Celebrating Shark Week with Sevengill Sharks”

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A new, national “Think Like a Citizen Scientist” Girl Scouts journey!

A new Think Like a Citizen Scientist Girl Scouts journey was released this morning in collaboration with SciStarter as part of the Girl Scouts of USA’s announcement that it is adding 23 new badges related to science, technology, engineering, math and the outdoors. Girl Scouts can now earn badges through activities like programming robots, citizen … Read more “A new, national “Think Like a Citizen Scientist” Girl Scouts journey!”

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Shark Week: A feeding frenzy for citizen scientists!

Sink your teeth into these projects! The Discovery Channel kicks off Shark Week in three days, when we’ll will find out if Michael Phelps is faster than a shark! Not quite up for racing a shark yourself? You can still celebrate Shark Week by getting involved in one of the many citizen science projects that study and protect sharks. Below, … Read more “Shark Week: A feeding frenzy for citizen scientists!”

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Finding the Common Culture: Uniting Science and the Humanities in Citizen Science

By Brad Mehlenbacher (North Carolina State University) and Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher (University of Waterloo) Through citizen science projects, the Bodleian Library is improving access to their music collections, the Smithsonian is transcribing important documents, and researchers at the University of Oxford are transcribing Ancient Greek text from Greco-Roman Egypt. Although these projects represent promising examples … Read more “Finding the Common Culture: Uniting Science and the Humanities in Citizen Science”

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Network of Bees

There is a lot to learn from bees. The survival of the hive depends on the combined efforts of the entire colony. In Conetoe (pronounced KUH-nee-tah), North Carolina Reverend Richard Joyner and his family of youth beekeepers are tending to bees and building community, one hive at a time. Reverend Joyner is the force behind … Read more “Network of Bees”

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How SciStarter helps connect people to citizen science projects, events and tools.

At SciStarter, we aim to reach people where they are and connect them to opportunities to do and shape science through citizen science projects in need of their help. If someone wants to promote or recruit participants for their project, event, or tool, they register it on SciStarter. Our editors review each record before publishing … Read more “How SciStarter helps connect people to citizen science projects, events and tools.”

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Why “SciStarter is excellent for citizen science.”

Well thank you for the kind words, Pietro Michelucci (founder of EyesOnALZ, a crowdsourcing platform designed to accelerate Alzheimer’s research). Pietro is one of 15 project and platform partners we’ve been working with to test and deploy a suite of new citizen science tools. For the past two years, thanks to support from the National … Read more “Why “SciStarter is excellent for citizen science.””

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SciStarter’s founder appointed to NAS committee on Citizen Science

Written by Adam Gabriele, Arizona State University. Originally published on ASUNow. There’s an exciting change under way in the scientific community. Citizens with an avid interest in science are getting the chance to contribute to real research through data collection and analysis in collaboration with professional scientists. These “citizen scientists” — tinkerers and enthusiasts of … Read more “SciStarter’s founder appointed to NAS committee on Citizen Science”

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Stall Catchers citizen science game to host its first international “Catchathon”

If you’re familiar with “hackathons” – intense hacking marathons, or “mapathons” – mapping parties commonly held by mappers worldwide, the term “catchathon” might be starting to make some sense by now. If not – read on. There’s a marathon of Alzheimer’s citizen science coming on July 22nd, and you can be part of it!

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