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We have an exciting announcement! Beginning in October of this year, SciStarter is partnering with Dr. Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher’s research team to begin publishing monthly book reviews of books focusing on citizen science.

Pictured: Dr. Ashley Rose Mehlenbacher. Source: University of Waterloo

Dr. Mehlenbacher’s team at the University of Waterloo includes both undergraduate and graduate students. Housed in the English Department, the team’s research focuses on, among other topics, changing methods of science communication, citizen science, and expertise and ethos in scientific research. Members of this team will write the book reviews in this series.

Dr. Mehlenbacher’s team, hard at work. Source: University of Waterloo

Like the entire discipline of citizen science, our book reviews are meant to be accessible to a general audience. For an example of our book review format, please see Devon Moriarty’s review of The Rightful Place of Science: Citizen Science, a book edited by Darlene Cavalier, the founder of SciStarter, and Eric B. Kennedy. Moriarty is a member of Dr. Mehlenbacher’s team.

Our book review series is intended to spotlight outstanding writing about citizen science, and there is no one type of citizen science book that we seek to review. If you would like to submit your book for consideration or have questions about our book review series, please email We cannot guarantee that we will review every book submitted. We ask that submitted books be written in English, though it is possible that we could review books written in other languages in the future.

We hope you’re as pumped as we are for our book review series! While you’re waiting for October to come around, why don’t you get started on a project from the SciStarter Project Finder? Dive into some citizen science.


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