Tips to create a “How To” video for your citizen science project.

SciStarter is curating “How To” videos for citizen science.

Many of the featured projects’ leaders recorded their own video on a smart phone! You can, too! Help people understand how to do your project by showing them a brief video tutorial. Here are tips to consider:

  • Introduce yourself and what you do.
  • Briefly describe the goal of your project and how it will help society.
  • State where people can participate (anywhere? at a park, near streams, etc.) and approximately how much time is needed to prepare and to participate.
  • Show any required or recommended materials (sensors, water testing kit, etc)
  • Briefly walk the participant through a step-by-step process and, if possible, demonstrate the project.
  • Share results (or predicted results) from your project to date.
  • Thank viewers and invite them to get started on your project’s page on SciStarter (we will embed the video there and provide you with analytics on views and clicks, etc).

Would you prefer to hire the services of a video producer? Lea Shell, SciStarter’s Education Program Co-Director is available-for-hire to produce your video. Here’s one she created for  Urban Buzz! 

Feel free to email Lea directly about pricing and scheduling for a video.

Leonora Shell

Education Program Co-Director

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Caroline Nickerson

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