12 Days of Christmasy Citizen Science

Our editors found 12 projects related to the 12 Days of Christmas jingle. Ok, some are a stretch, but we hope you enjoy our holiday edition!

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The SciStarter Team

On the 1st Day of Christmas, Trees Please gave to me:

A partridge in a pear tree when measuring air quality and tree health in Hamilton, Ontario.

Location: Ontario, Canada

On the 2nd Day of Christmas, the Wisconsin Turtle Conservation Program gave to me:

Two turtle doves to help turtles safely cross roadways.

Location: Wisconsin, USA 

On the 3rd Day of Christmas, the Christmas Bird Count gave to me:

Three French hens to be counted during the 119th year of this project!

Location: North America

On the 4th Day of Christmas, Lingscape gave to me:

Four calling birds perched on the street signs being photographed for this linguistic study.

Location: Global

On the 5th Day of Christmas, the Golden Eagle Survey Project gave to me:

Five gold rings as bright as the feathers on these beautiful birds!

Location: Global

On the 6th Day of Christmas, Air Visual gave to me:

Six geese a-laying as I monitored air quality in my local park.

Location: Global

On the 7th Day of Christmas, Lake Observer gave to me:

Seven swans a-swimming in a lake while I monitored the health of its waters.

Location: Global

On the 8th Day of Christmas, the Milky Way Project gave to me:

Eight maids a milking in a beautiful images of faraway space.

Location: Global

On the 9th Day of Christmas, Project Implicit gave to me:

Nine ladies dancing with glee as they participated in this fun project on attitudes and beliefs.

Location: Online Only

On the 10th Day of Christmas, Colony B gave to me:

Ten lords a-leaping with joy at the chance to study microbes by playing a mobile game.

Location: Online Only

On the 11th Day of Christmas, Open Street Maps gave to me:

Eleven pipers piping in a parade as I mapped the streets in my city.

Location: Global

On the 12th Day of Christmas, Cyanomonitoring gave to me:

Twelve drummers drumming up support for protecting water quality by monitoring for cyanobacteria blooms.

Location: Global

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