Can you spare one hour tomorrow to help accelerate a year of Alzheimer’s research?

Tomorrow is Citizen Science Day (#CitSciDay2019) and there are many ways to celebrate. Add or find an event near you or access lots of free resources, including downloadable bookmarks, posters and more, on the Citizen Science Day page.

The signature project this year is the Stall Catchers Megathon, an online game you can play from anywhere (with internet access) to help Cornell scientists better understand how stalled bloood flow contributes to Alzheimer’s disease. By reducing stalls in mice with Alzheimer’s, scientists have been able to restore memory! More research is needed and this is where you come in. It’s easier than you may think–no prior experience needed. Can you spare an hour to help acclerate a year’s worth of Alzheimer’s research in ONE HOUR (1:30-2:30 ET) by playing a game and simultaneously analyzing data? We invite you to sign up to learn more and join the virtual SciStarter team here:   You will earn credit in your SciStarter dashboard and receive a certificate for your participation!

Here are more details about the Megathon. 

Bonus! Tune into Science Friday between 2-4pm ET TODAY to learn more about Citizen Science Day and the Megathon!  

Some last minute Megathon and CitSciDay ideas:

  • This blog post takes you through the Megathon, from A-Z:
  • To view the livestream, just have running on a internet-friendly device that everyone can see. That allows you to view the first thirty minutes of introductions (1:30-2:00 ET), all the featured meet-ups during the catching hour (2:00-3:00 ET), and the last thirty minutes of results (3:00-3:30 ET).  
  • We have lots of press resources and other promotional resources in the assets folder; see the attached letter for the breadth of resources. Having issues with google drive? Let me know, and I will download the resources you want for you. Assets: Within the folder, I recommend especially looking at the press releases, social media ideas, and images you’re allowed to use with proper attribution (both Stall Catchers and general CitSci images): 
  • Have friends who want to play from home? Urge them to join the SciStarter team:
  • If you have any pictures from today, tomorrow, or Sunday, please send them my way; we would love to post them! You’re also welcome to post them yourselves with the #CitSciDay2019 and #Megathon hashtags. We would love for you to share your excitement on social media. 🙂 
  • Just want to chat about CitSciDay? Feel free to give me a call at (407) 562-7793. The email address is the best one for technical questions about the Megathon.
  • Come April 14, this year’s CitSciDay will be over, and we’ll be eager to see what you think! We’ll have a survey we send out after.

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Caroline Nickerson

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