SciStarter on Nature: American Spring LIVE, airing tonight and tomorrow on PBS

Starting last night, on April 29, PBS began their American Spring LIVE show. As they describe on their website, “Spring is one of nature’s greatest performances – a time of rebirth, renewed energy and dramatic transformations. For three consecutive nights, Monday, April 29 – Wednesday, May 1 at 8:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings) and Facebook, Nature: American Spring LIVE presents the change from winter to spring in real time from iconic locations across America.”

The show, which is hosted by news anchor Juju Chang, includes live and pre-tapped footage of different natural environments during springtime. Researchers and citizen scientists share their insights on the show. The first episode, “Birth and Rebirth,” aired last night. You can watch it online.

The second episode, “Migration,” airs tonight at 8 ET on PBS and on Facebook. The third episode, “Connections,” will air tomorrow at the same time and on the same platforms.

Citizen science is a focus of American Spring LIVE. The show partnered with the Bird Cams Lab and Celebrate Urban Birds projects (Cornell Lab of Ornithology), The Great Sunflower Project (San Francisco State University), The Monarch Larva Monitoring Project (University of Minnesota Monarch Lab), Track-a-Lilac with Nature’s Notebook (USA National Phenology Network), SciStarter (Arizona State University), Next Avenue (Twin Cities PBS), and the National Park Service.

SciStarter is featured on the PBS website. On this site, PBS features a video created about SciStarter, which you can view below.


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Caroline Nickerson

Caroline Nickerson

Caroline Nickerson is an advisor at SciStarter, where she assists with the Citizen Science Month Program, SciStarter’s Corporate Volunteer Programs and other programmatic and outreach efforts. Caroline is a Master of Public Policy graduate from American University, where she was a Reilly Environmental Policy Scholar, and is a current PhD student at the University of Florida. She also works with the UF-VA Bioethics Unit, the Christensen Project, Florida Community Innovation and other organizations. She was the 2019 Cherry Blossom Princess representing the state of Florida and the grand prize scholarship winner at Miss Earth USA 2021 as Miss Louisiana Earth.