NASA GLOBE Observer Needs Your Help Reporting Dust Storms

NASA GLOBE Observer needs your help recruiting volunteer citizen scientists to report dust storms. Scientists want these data so they can improve forecasts of dust storms and send early warnings to the public.

How can you help? Tell people in your community that if they see a dust storm, please report it using the GLOBE Observer app. If you make a SciStarter account, download the free GLOBE Observer app,  and sign up using the “SciStarter” referral code, then all of your contributions will be credited to your SciStarter dashboard.

Here’s what volunteer scientists need to do:

Safety First! Always stay safe by observing dust storms from inside a building or vehicle.

Step 1: Make an account on SciStarter, and then download the GLOBE Observer app. Open the app and register using your email. Don’t forget to enter the “SciStarter” referral code. You will receive an email immediately with your password. Login to the app.

Step 2: Select “Clouds,” and then select “New Cloud Observation.”

Step 3: Select “Obscured.”

Step 4: Check “Dust” and on the next screen, select surface conditions (e.g., a series of short yes/no questions).

Step 5: Select “Add Pictures Manually.”

Step 6: Point your camera at the horizon and take your photo.

Step 7: Submit your observations by selecting “Send Observations Now.”

Step 8: Click “See My Data” from the Clouds home screen to see all observations you have submitted.

Want more? Here’s a webpage with screenshots walking through these steps.

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