Top 19 Citizen Science Projects of 2019

It’s the New Year, and in addition to eating better, exercising regularly, and watching fewer videos of adorable talking porcupines (#STOPTHECUTENESS!), we at SciStarter resolve to make every human (all 7.5 billion of you, as well as your pets) a citizen scientist by the end of 2020…or by 2120 at the latest!

In that spirit, we present five lists of our Top 19 Projects of 2019, tallied by page views, joins, saves, contributions, and social media shares. Featured before that are six projects that made the top tier for the first time.


The SciStarter Team

Smithsonian Transcription Center

Do you want to help organize America’s Attic? Then make a resolution to become a Smithsonian volunpeer—a
person who helps transcribe and otherwise organize the Smithsonian’s
vast holdings of historical documents and collection records. You can be
a part of history!

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Marine Debris Tracker

Thousands of citizen scientists have already tracked down two million
pieces of litter! But debris that needs tracking is not confined to the
marine environment, so in 2020, this project will be known simply as
Debris Tracker and will expand to include debris wherever it occurs, in
or out of marine environments.

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Flu Near You

Help doctors track the flu virus by letting them know your zip code and how you’re feeling. With enough contributors, researchers will be able to keep tabs on flu outbreaks, learn how infectious diseases spread, and take action to prevent epidemics. And contributing is even easier than taking your temperature!

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ZomBee Watch

The parasitic fly that turns honeybees into creatures of the night could be spreading, and ZomBee Watch needs your data to find out. Set up a ZomBee night light check for infected ZomBees in your neighborhood, and report your results.

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Nanocrafter is a synthetic biology game that taught players about DNA biochemistry, and then let them contribute original solutions to real problems in biochemistry. That mission is now complete, but watch for new citizen science games inspired by the success of Nanocrafter.

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Year in Citizen Science: January Calendar

Check out SciStarter’s online and printable monthly calendar of events and holidays (like our upcoming Citizen Science Webinar) linked to relevant citizen science projects. You can find it here.

Free Webinars: January 11 and 14

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These webinars provide a step-by-step guide to learn about this movement that’s sweeping the globe: citizen science. Learn how to find and join the right project for you and how to use SciStarter to earn credit for your participation.

Register for the for the January 11 webinar here webinar and the January 14 webinar here.

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Bob Hirshon

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