Spreading the Word about Citizen Science Month

This April, #CitSciMonth is from home.

About Citizen Science Month

Citizen Science projects can be done from virtually anywhere, making these fun activities easy to join while maintaining safe social distancing. Although many people were planning to host in-person events, due to COVID-19 these events have either been cancelled or changed to virtual events. Check the calendar of virtual events and help us support citizen science.

You can also explore thousands of other citizen science projects at SciStarter.org or by selecting a featured project to get started. Most projects can be done without even leaving the house. For the few that require outdoor access, we urge you to only participate if you can also maintain safe social distancing and adhere to your local area requirements.

How to Spread the Word

Download all the social media graphics by clicking this zip file.

Post them anywhere, using the #CitSciMonth hashtag and tagging @CitSciMonth and @SciStarter.

All the social media graphics below are yours to use! Let’s get people doing #CitizenScience this April…and beyond.


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Caroline Nickerson

Caroline is a Master of Public Policy student at American University with a focus on environmental and climate change policy. She also works with the UF-VA UNESCO Bioethics Unit, the Christensen Project, the DC Gator Club, and the Commission on Local Debates. Caroline manages SciStarter's Syndicated Blog Network, which encompasses the Science Connected, Discover Magazine, and SciStarter platforms, and manages programs at SciStarter.