New Feature from SciStarter: “Lists” Makes it Easy to Organize, Share and Track Engagement in Citizen Science Projects

Designed to support educators, parent-teachers, community organizers and other facilitators seeking real-world STEM curriculum supplements. 

SciStarter has launched a new feature: Lists!

Citizen science engages people from all walks of life in meaningful research in need of their help. SciStarter organizes thousands of projects into a searchable database. Now, anyone can create a List, add projects to their List, include personalized notes and then share the List with others (students, friends, colleagues, etc) using an auto-generated, unique URL. Each List even includes on-demand data analytics to show engagement levels!

We are testing this new “Lists” feature to help you find, save, organize, share and track your community’s progress in multiple projects of your choice. Your community might be your family, friends, students, an organization, a company, etc. This new feature is designed to be simple, flexible and usable for a variety of use cases.

Whether you are an educator who assigns subject- and grade-appropriate projects to your students, a librarian who links citizen science projects to library programs or a facilitator who pools interesting projects for your community… the Lists feature was designed to support you!

Using Lists

  1. Use the SciStarter Advance Search filter to find Affiliate Projects (they are also marked with the SciStarter affiliate logo). These projects help users track the number and frequency of data contributions to projects.
  2. Create a List from any Affiliate project page on SciStarter.
  3. Add as many Affiliate projects as you want to your List simply by clicking “Add to my lists”
  4. Add any special instructions to your List (e.g. “Participate in two of these  projects by July 29.”).
  5. Share your List. Click “Share” to copy the unique URL. Then, email the URL to anyone 13 years or older. Be sure to remind them to create a SciStarter account so they can earn credit for their contributions to the affiliate projects on your List. When they click on the List, they’ll see the projects you selected and your notes.
  6. Track the progress of your community’s participation using the on-demand analytics for your List! Note: only you, the List creator, will see these analytics.
  7. To review or edit your lists, click “Go to my lists” on a project page or simply use the Dashboard dropdown to visit “My Lists”.

For more information about this tool, check out our FAQ or watch a brief video, below.


We’d love to hear your thoughts on the Lists feature and how we can improve it. Please share your feedback with

PS: Caroline from the SciStarter team made her own list she wants to share with you! Enjoy! 🙂

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SciStarter Team

SciStarter Team

SciStarter connects you to thousands of searchable citizen science projects in need of your help. Use the Project Finder ( to find a project to match your location, interests, and age level. Your free SciStarter account will help you earn credit for participating in projects across apps and websites (use the advanced search option at to find Affiliate projects eligible for credit in your dashboard). Together, we can move the world forward!