SciStarter Goes Buggy!

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3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies

Every fall, declining day length triggers one of the most incredible phenomena found in nature: the annual fall migration of monarch butterflies. Across North America, monarchs undertake an epic journey – up to 3,000 miles – to reach their overwintering grounds in Mexico and the California coast. For the eastern population of monarchs, the migratory … Read more “3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies”

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8 Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily do at Home

Around the world, millions of kids are headed back to school in a totally different way. Classes are online. Teachers talk to students in virtual classrooms. And parents are often left looking for new, hands-on science learning opportunities. We’ve got your back. Here are eight fun and easy science experiments that you can do at … Read more “8 Fun Science Experiments You Can Easily do at Home”

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How do Planets Form? NASA Wants Your Help Finding Out

How long does it take planets to form in solar systems? Since 2014, tens of thousands of volunteers have helped NASA try to answer this question by looking at telescope images of solar systems as their protoplanetary disks are still forming. NASA’s Disk Detectives is a citizen science project that enlists members of the public … Read more “How do Planets Form? NASA Wants Your Help Finding Out”

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