Signs of Fall with Nature’s Notebook

Welcome Fall with Nature’s Notebook and the Timberland Regional Library in Washington State for an event focused on documenting signs of seasonal change.

Nature’s Notebook is a citizen science project that studies phenology, the study of seasons. Changes in phenological events, like flowering and animal migration, are among the most sensitive biological responses to climate change. How plants and animals respond can help us predict whether their populations will grow or shrink – making phenology a “leading indicator” of climate change impacts. Using Nature’s Notebook app or website, volunteers log their observations of plants and animals to help scientists take the pulse of the planet.

RSVP for an event on 10/8 at 3 PM PT to learn everything you need to know to study the seasons.

Before the event, check out a Twitter thread (posted below) by Erin Posthumus from Nature’s Notebook. She takes you through the steps of capturing the seasonal activity of plants and animals. Hopefully you’ll also participate from your community!

Twitter Thread

Now that you’ve gotten an introduction to the signs of Fall, RSVP for our event on 10/8 at 3 PM PT to dig deeper and study the seasons with citizen science.


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Caroline Nickerson

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