Corporate Social Responsibility Partnership Spotlight: SciStarter and Verizon

Since 2020, SciStarter and Verizon have partnered to support Citizen Verizon Volunteers on their goal of volunteering 2.5 million hours by 2025! SciStarter is one of Verizon’s strategic partners and together, we’re making big progress.

SciStarter provides Verizon volunteers with training and support to engage in participatory science that protects the planet (by monitoring changes in the environment, tracking species migrations, or documenting biodiversity) and advances health research (by taking surveys to help scientists predict viral outbreaks, playing online games to aid Alzheimer’s research, or providing anonymized data so scientists better understand mental health patterns). 

These remarkable volunteers are helping scientists answer important research questions by logging and analyzing data online, sharing local observations, and participating in fun, online events we host with scientists. Volunteers find and join curated projects on SciStarter and we support their progress along the way. 

Impact, By the Numbers

In addition to providing digital tools, customer services and data analytics, SciStarter creates events, trainings and programs for Verizon business units to build awareness, enthusiasm and participation in activities that align with their volunteers’ interests, availability and locations.

VTeamers Volunteering Together

One Verizon team, in Chandler, Arizona, came together to participate in iNaturalist, an outdoor project where volunteers use an app to  take and share pictures of  local plants and animals. iNaturalist is the largest provider of biodiversity data in the world, thanks to volunteers!  Jason Stocker, a Verizon Volunteer Champion, led this event with SciStarter.

Jason shared the importance of getting his team out into nature and being social in community spaces. “Most of us have been working remotely for so long and we are worn out from the online activities. It’s time to do something in person and in nature.”

VTeamers in Chandler, Arizona volunteering with their families.

Kathleen Olivieri, another Champion, gathered her team on a video call with SciStarter to participate in ISeeChange, a global project that turns volunteers  into climate reporters simply by uploading pictures of their local environmental conditions.

“Our V-teamers took pictures and described trends that they’ve observed in climate and weather, right outside their windows and doors,” said Kathleen.  “Since we have volunteers participating from across the country, this was a thoroughly interesting and engaging event!”

Volunteering Anytime, Anywhere

Often, these events inspire volunteers to continue to participate on their own, earning more Verizon volunteer time. This was volunteer champion Arthur Lusty’s experience when he hosted an event for his Artificial Intelligence and Data business unit. “We focused on supporting Mental Health research by playing the Neureka game through SciStarter,” said Arthur. “The V-teamers enjoyed using the app, and many were encouraged to continue assisting research after the event.”

Image posted by Ramasamy Thiruselvam, a VTeamer who participated in GLOBE Observer: Clouds to help NASA collect environmental data.

Then there are super volunteers like Jim Webster who take the program to a whole new level. Jim made it his mission to be a SciStarter Ambassador and facilitate introductions to SciStarter at public events in coordination with libraries, museums and community organizations. Check out this blog featuring Jim’s impact.

The great thing about all of this…anyone can participate! Get started at


SciStarter connects millions of people to thousands of opportunities to engage in scientific research anytime, anywhere. Curated experiences and self-guided online trainings, onboard and support the progress of volunteers from start to finish. Sophisticated digital tools help people track their interests and participation across websites and apps and provide partner organizations (including libraries, museums, school districts, Girl Scouts and Corporate Social Responsibility programs like Verizon) with data to measure collective impact among their members.

Are you interested in learning more about SciStarter’s Corporate Social Responsibility offerings? Get in touch!

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