Take a hike with citizen science!

Planning a hike this summer? Be a trail blazer and add some citizen science to your adventure. Our editors highlight five projects, below, to add to your backpack! Check out the SciStarter blog for updates on your favorite projects and find new projects in our Project Finder! Happy trails! The SciStarter Team

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Citizen Science for herptile fans!

Amphibians and reptiles, also known asherptiles or herps, are the focus of many citizen science projects. If you like frogs, turtles, and salamanders, just to name a few, join one of the projects below to help us better understand the distribution and population status of these wonderful creatures! Check out the SciStarter blog for updates … Read more “Citizen Science for herptile fans!”

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Citizen Scientists Like You Could Change How We Handle Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis

By analyzing images taken during times of humanitarian crises, citizen scientists can help refine a tool for data analysis improve relief efforts. A guest post by Megan Passey and Jeremy Othenio. Edited by Arvind Suresh In August 2014, following the fall of Mosul in Iraq, the UN declared the situation a level 3 crisis, the … Read more “Citizen Scientists Like You Could Change How We Handle Iraq’s Humanitarian Crisis”

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Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Citizen Science!

Our editors have selected some sizzling citizen science projects in celebration of Summer Solstice on June 21. Several are also appropriate for kids of all ages (keep those minds sharp over the summer break!). And…our friends at Mental Floss featured“15 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About the Summer Solstice,” including this fact: “The Earth is at its furthest … Read more “Celebrate the Summer Solstice with Citizen Science!”

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Making Medicines from Soil: Going Behind the Scenes of a Citizen Science Project

Taking you behind the scenes and into the laboratory of the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program This is a guest post by Dr Robert H. Cichewicz a professor at the University of Oklahoma and leader of the Citizen Science Soil Collection Program. Dr Cichewicz previously wrote on SciStarter about how you can participate in this project. In … Read more “Making Medicines from Soil: Going Behind the Scenes of a Citizen Science Project”

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We want your germs! For Citizen Science!

Microbes are germs and they are everywhere! Most are good for you. Some are not. Learning more about microbes (where they live, how they behave) can teach us more about their influence on diseases, cures, and our entire ecosystem. Here are five microbial citizen science projects you can do now. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Nature’s Notebook: Through the Eyes of a Citizen Scientist

This guest post by Sharman Apt Russel describes a citizen science experience with the the project, Nature’s Notebook featured on our recent Spring themed newsletter. Check out the rest of the projects on that list here. Nature’s Notebook is also one of more than 800 citizen science projects on SciStarter. Use our project finder to find … Read more “Nature’s Notebook: Through the Eyes of a Citizen Scientist”

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White House Recognizes Importance of Citizen Science

“Citizen Science” movement gaining ground through organizations including SciStarter   PHILADELPHIA, Penn. (March 23, 2015) – Citizen science engages the public in important research, and SciStarter is leading the way for scientists, enthusiasts and students to connect and collaborate on research. Even as President Obama recognizes the intelligence and effort of students at the White … Read more “White House Recognizes Importance of Citizen Science”

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