Get a Jump on the Heliophysics Big Year

On April 8, 2024, millions of people along a wide swath of territory running from Durango, Mexico up to Toronto, Canada will be waiting to experience an amazing total solar eclipse– the last one in North America until 2045. While they wait, they will be pacing around impatiently with nothing much to do. You on … Read more “Get a Jump on the Heliophysics Big Year”

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Help NASA With Space- and Earth-Based Research!

How can you just sit there, reading this blog post and sipping on your coffee/tea/kombucha/pinot noir/Liquid Death when NASA needs your help with 36 different research projects? And not just pretend missions, designed to get you excited about space or teach you something. These are actual research missions to search for extraterrestrial life inhabiting distant … Read more “Help NASA With Space- and Earth-Based Research!”

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Silhouette of three people jumping happily in front of purple and blue sunset

Life-Changing Citizen Science

Have you ever considered exploring strange new worlds? Maybe seeking out new life and new civilizations? And then abandoned the idea because you’re too young or too old to seriously consider going boldly where no one has gone before? Well, these are completely achievable goals and they don’t require working your way through Star Fleet … Read more “Life-Changing Citizen Science”

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Frogs and Salamanders Need Your Help

Each spring, billions of amphibians, just like millions of college students, decide that it would be a good time for frenetic, uninhibited and potentially dangerous sexual escapades. They emerge from their forest burrows/dorms and, in an effort to overwhelm potential predators and/or parents/local law enforcement, they travel en masse to predetermined locations and go wild. … Read more “Frogs and Salamanders Need Your Help”

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Photo of red, heart-shaped bleeding heart flowers

Citizen Science Is For Lovers!

For Valentine’s Day, we’re delving into the romance of citizen science which, at first glance, might not appear to require much delving. But at second glance, you’ll realize that citizen science is possibly the most romantic endeavor imaginable! Then at third glance, you might say, “nah, what was I thinking?” But then– stay with me … Read more “Citizen Science Is For Lovers!”

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Science in the Snow Audio and Video Podcast

Whenever you’re out frolicking in a winter wonderland, why not take a frolicking break every now and then to measure snow depth for your friends at the Community Snow Observations project? Your observations will help them verify data obtained from satellites and other remote sensing tools, and also fill in both spatial and temporal gaps … Read more “Science in the Snow Audio and Video Podcast”

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Photo of an Earth-viewing area of the International Space Station with holiday decorations.

Citizen Science Holiday Gift Guide

Looking for a special gift for the citizen science lover in your life? You’ve come to the right place! In this podcast, we share expert picks for over a dozen unique gifts your friends and family will enjoy while they help scientists conduct important research. Listen: Projects and websites featured in this episode include: … Read more “Citizen Science Holiday Gift Guide”

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Robert Courteau with large puffball mushroom.

The Great North American FungiQuest (podcast transcript and links)

Listen to the podcast: Thousands of mycophiles took to the forest in October to document as many mushrooms as they could, as part of the first annual Great North American FungiQuest. In this podcast, we spoke with Robert Courteau, project creator and also founder of the non-profit group Think Fungi. Projects and other links … Read more “The Great North American FungiQuest (podcast transcript and links)”

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Landscape photo of tulip poplar tree and sycamores on a late fall afternoon.

Join Citizen Science Efforts to Preserve Our Forests

With forests being wiped out worldwide by climate change, deforestation, pests and plagues, trees need all the help they can get. In this episode of the SciStarter podcast, we learn about three citizen science projects that monitor and protect trees. Also, with gift-giving season right around the corner, Bob also shares a few of his … Read more “Join Citizen Science Efforts to Preserve Our Forests”

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Two middle schoolers use their mobile phones to study cattails in a wetland area.

Citizen Science Goes to School

In this month’s SciStarter podcast, we’re heading back to school to see how teachers and even college professors are making citizen science a part of their classroom instruction. Participating in real science conducted by actual researchers can make science lessons come alive for students at all grade levels. Education leaders in Florida, North Carolina and … Read more “Citizen Science Goes to School”

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