How Project Squirrel saved my dog.

This morning, my son spotted a squirrel from our window and said “Mom, hurry, take a picture!” (He’s grown accustomed to spotting and photographing squirrels, birds and insects for various citizen science projects. In this case, it’s for Project Squirrel.) I grabbed my iphone and, using its built in camera, snapped away as the squirrel … Read more “How Project Squirrel saved my dog.”

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Measure your snow, help the planet!

Science for Citizens has teamed up with cryosphere researchers at the University of Warterloo to collect snow-depth measurements from around the world.¬†These measurements are used to track climate changes. So, join thousands of other citizen scientists, like Paul, and find a fresh patch of snow, plunge a ruler in it, and report the measurement. You’ll … Read more “Measure your snow, help the planet!”

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“It’s like CSI for animals!”

Yet another reason to visit to Seattle (one of these days!). The Seward Park Environmental and Audubon Center,¬† a partnership between the National Audubon Society and the City of Seattle, Department of Parks and Recreation, invites citizen scientists to help track the DNA–and thereby the mating habits–of Bald Eagles. Putting it bluntly, the scientists want … Read more ““It’s like CSI for animals!””

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We’re all experts! Wait…is that a good thing?

On Thursday, October 14, will host a panel discussion in partnership with George Mason University, Discover Magazine, and the USA Science and Engineering Festival. The discussion, which is a preamble to the USA Science and Engineering Festival, will focus on the potential and the perils of turning everyone into an expert. The timing is … Read more “We’re all experts! Wait…is that a good thing?”

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Citizen science booster on the Colbert Report

Previously on this blog, Sci4Cits blogger Elizabeth Walter reported on Bard College’s novel attempt to bring citizen science into the minds of all freshmen through an intensive, mandatory, three-week course, aptly titled Citizen Science. Bard’s President, Leon Botstein, is a passionate believer that citizen science activities hold the key to helping people reconnect to science … Read more “Citizen science booster on the Colbert Report”

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And now, a word from our egos

Science for Citizens is getting some attention over at Motherboard.TV, an online video network. Co-founder Michael Gold and I were interviewed by Jordan Keenan of Motherboard this past spring at Harvard during the Humanity Plus Summit where I spoke about citizen science. Here are the slides from that presentation. You’re welcome to them. In the … Read more “And now, a word from our egos”

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Squirrels: spot, jot, share your sightings

Love ’em or not, squirrels play an important role in local ecology. Mapping changes in their population can help researchers better understand–and predict–a range of corollary environmental changes. As described on the Project Squirrel website, “Squirrels can be important indicators of local ecology because they are resident in small territories and active year round, they … Read more “Squirrels: spot, jot, share your sightings”

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Don’t know a chickadee from a warbler? There’s an app for that!

Looking for a convenient way to identify birds during your next citizen science excursion? Consider the WildLab Bird iPhone app, which uses photographs, audio, and maps to help you determine which bird you’ve spotted and makes it easy to share the observation with researchers at Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology. Here’s how it works: Visit … Read more “Don’t know a chickadee from a warbler? There’s an app for that!”

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Map pollination while beautifying your garden

Think you can spot the difference between and a honey bee and a bumble bee? Well, there’s one day left to test your bee knowledge with the online Bee Challenge, brought to you by the folks at the Great Pollinator Project! A collaboration between the Greenbelt Native Plant Nursery and the Center for Biodiversity and … Read more “Map pollination while beautifying your garden”

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