SciStarter’s founder to speak about citizen science: NPR’s Weekend in Washington

If you’re planning to attend NPR’s “Weekend in Washington” conference on November 2, let’s meet up! SciStarter’s founder, Darlene Cavalier, will be speaking about the rise of citizen science (regular people doing real science). From National Public Radio: “NPR’s Weekend in Washington is our annual, multi-day convergence of award-winning journalists, innovative leaders from Member Stations and … Read more “SciStarter’s founder to speak about citizen science: NPR’s Weekend in Washington”

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Songs From the Citizen Science Frontier

Citizen science has its own song! Monty Harper, the musician behind “Citizen Scientist,” needs help from you to compile a slideshow for the piece. If you have photos of you or others participating in citizen science, you can submit them to be included in a slideshow music video for his song! The deadline is November … Read more “Songs From the Citizen Science Frontier”

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Defining the Future of Research: The Science & Tech Forum in Los Angeles

If you’re on the west coast, you won’t want to miss the Science and Tech Forum: Los Angeles. It takes place this weekend from 9/28 to 9/29 and features a robust lineup of speakers from various science backgrounds. What’s unique about this conference is that it allows the attendees to set the agenda and organize sessions. … Read more “Defining the Future of Research: The Science & Tech Forum in Los Angeles”

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Just Add Water: Why Water Monitoring is Important

Today is World Water Monitoring Day! Participate by ordering a test kit and submitting sample data through December of this year. Also, check out the ocean of other water citizen science projects on SciStarter. Here at SciStarter, we spend a lot of time supporting citizen science, but we also happen to be citizen scientists ourselves. In the … Read more “Just Add Water: Why Water Monitoring is Important”

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Browse the Encyclopedia of Life

This project is featured in our Back to School 2013 round-up.  Imagine what it would mean if our knowledge about the many life forms on Earth – of animals, plants, fungi, protists, and bacteria – could be gathered together and made available to everyone – anywhere – at a moment’s notice.  Currently, this information is … Read more “Browse the Encyclopedia of Life”

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Shark Week: A Feeding Frenzy for Citizen Scientists

That’s right–it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s Shark Week, and SciStarter has a slew of projects for you to try out. Let’s see if you bite. Whether it’s fascination or fear, the sight of a shark makes our hearts skip a beat. Thanks to these featured citizen science projects, that sight can also … Read more “Shark Week: A Feeding Frenzy for Citizen Scientists”

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DNA Barcoding Citizen Science Projects!

Here are this week’s featured projects on SciStarter. Interested in learning about more citizen science projects? Try our Project Finder, which connects you to 600+ curated projects around the world! We’ve scanned our database for awesome DNA barcoding citizen science projects! We are all familiar with barcodes, but what do barcodes have to do with … Read more “DNA Barcoding Citizen Science Projects!”

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Games With Words: Play On

Imagine trying to uncover the meaning behind all the words in the English language. Well, that’s what dictionaries are for, right? Not quite. According to Joshua Hartshorne, the director of MIT’s Games With Words, our current understanding of any word is simply based on its relationship with other words. That’s precisely the problem. To provide … Read more “Games With Words: Play On”

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