Winter Projects To Do In The Snow (And From Inside Your House)

Winter offers many unique ways to gather and share observations to advance research, even for those in warmer climates. If you live in a snowy place, get outside and find a skating rink, make a snowball or report on your local waterways. Or stay inside and spy on penguins from anywhere. Observations like these and … Read more “Winter Projects To Do In The Snow (And From Inside Your House)”

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SciStarter’s Top 5 Citizen Science Projects of 2021

More than 120,000 people of all ages made more than 2.6 million contributions from all over the globe to citizen science projects through SciStarter in 2021! You can join them in providing this invaluable data to scientists, researchers and conservationists by playing games, taking surveys, analyzing data and reporting observations. Here are the top 5 … Read more “SciStarter’s Top 5 Citizen Science Projects of 2021”

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The Top 21 Citizen Science Projects of 2021

As we close out 2021, SciStarter is looking back on our successes this year and, as always, the biggest thanks goes out to you, the citizen scientists! Our more than 100,000 members made millions of contributions to citizen science projects this year, giving scientists data they never would have had otherwise. This year, citizen scientists … Read more “The Top 21 Citizen Science Projects of 2021”

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SciStarter: Science we can do together. New Year's Resolutions. Fireworks!

Time to Start Writing Those Resolutions! Here’s Some Inspo

Whether you’re cramming to get your 2021 resolutions accomplished (there’s still time!) or looking forward to the new year, we’ve got you covered. Check out these five citizen science projects that will motivate you to eat better, get out and exercise, give something back and more! And don’t forget, now through December 31, complete any … Read more “Time to Start Writing Those Resolutions! Here’s Some Inspo”

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Citizen Science Project Leaders: Here’s How and Why To Become a SciStarter Affiliate

Since our founding in 2011, SciStarter has been dedicated to promoting citizen science with free, accessible tools for project leaders, researchers and the public. Adding a project to SciStarter is one of the easiest ways project leaders can boost participation and reach a wider audience. When you list your project on you’re tapping into … Read more “Citizen Science Project Leaders: Here’s How and Why To Become a SciStarter Affiliate”

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SciStarter’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

Stumped for ideas for that inquisitive person your life? Or perhaps you’re hoping for a few citizen science-inspired gifts yourself this year? SciStarter’s 2021 Gift Guide has you covered. We’ve got useful gifts for birdwatchers, skygazers and weather-trackers, and they all tie in with one or more citizen science projects on SciStarter. That means you … Read more “SciStarter’s 2021 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!”

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SciStarter. Science we can do together. These fun affiliate project games provide meaningful data to the scientific community.

Let’s play a game!

There’s still time to check off that resolution to give back, learn something new, explore nature or pick up a new skill by participating in citizen science! If you’re looking for a fun way to do it, try one of these online citizen science games from our SciStarter Affiliates. Help scientists unveil meaningful informati on on … Read more “Let’s play a game!”

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A logo that reads "SciStarter Explorer" inside an orange circle with a magnifying glass.

Score a Personalized SciStarter Explorer Certificate!

We sure love our SciStarter community and appreciate all you do for science. You deserve some credit for helping scientists answer important research questions! Now through December 31st, participate in any three projects featured on and you’ll get a personalized, downloadable SciStarter Explorer certificate. We’ll add it to your online SciStarter Profile but you … Read more “Score a Personalized SciStarter Explorer Certificate!”

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SciStarter Partner Organizations

How Organizations Are Accelerating Research With Volunteerism and SciStarter

SciStarter partners with organizations to facilitate engagement and training and to accelerate research through volunteerism. From school districts, to corporations, to national and local organizations, our partners are vital community catalysts. Find inspiring examples below. Contact to explore partnership opportunities. Cheers! The SciStarter Team

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Dog wearing sunglasses with the text Dog Days of Summer: Scistarter. Science we can do together.

Dog Days of Summer

National Dog Day is August 26. In honor of your furry friend, participate in these simple at-home projects to help researchers learn more about your pup! And use the Project Finder to search for exciting citizen science projects on any topic you can think of (yes, that includes cats). Cheers, The SciStarter Team  

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