Build a Mobile App for Citizen Science!

scistarter robotTitle: Build a Mobile App for Citizen Science!

Goal: For this project we’ll conduct a rapid prototyping session to create a functional mobile web app for submitting photographs and field observations.

Why should you join this project? Join this group to gain a better understanding of the technical components necessary to build a database-backed mobile web application, and a functional app to play around with. After the Hackfest, I’ll keep the application running as long as there is interest. The source code we create will be available at

What skills are needed? Scientific knowledge, Technical expertise, Communications experience, Programming experience, Enthusiasm, Ideas, UX/UI, Testers

What skills will this project’s organizer bring? I have a few years of experience building mobile web apps for field data collection (both citizen science and professional monitoring). I built the wq framework and have experience with Python, Django, HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery Mobile, Leaflet, d3.js, and PostgreSQL.

What materials will this project’s organizer bring? A laptop.

What other materials would be valuable? Laptop, Data from other projects, Candy, Datasets (if possible), Mobile & Tablet Devices

Project website:

Contact: S. Andrew Sheppard

Twitter: @sasheppard

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