Cozy up to these indoor activities that actually help advance research

Hundreds of activities listed on SciStarter are designed for you to participate right from home. That’s right…you can help advance scientific research in your PJs if you want. It’s perfect now that cold weather is approaching for many of us! Here are five projects to get you started. Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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Stuck inside? There’s a citizen science project for that!

  Even if cold, cloudy weather has you avoiding the outdoors, that doesn’t mean you need to resign yourself to boredom (or Netflix). Hundreds of citizen science projects, advancing research on everything from ancient Egypt to nesting birds, are designed to be done right from home. Here are some to get you started. Cheers, The … Read more “Stuck inside? There’s a citizen science project for that!”

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Discovering our Common Humanity through Space Archaeology

Like many people, I was first introduced to the world of archaeology by Indiana Jones, that adventuresome character who lit up the big screen rescuing artifacts from villains by the skin of his teeth. Indy was awesome and will always have a place in my heart. But while he succeeded in making archaeology seem romantic, … Read more “Discovering our Common Humanity through Space Archaeology”

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Climate Change Uncovers Our Past

When we think about climate change, we usually picture extreme temperatures, mega-storms, and rising seas disrupting our collective future. But climate change is also erasing our past. At our poles, melting ice is exposing and washing out new archeological discoveries. In the world’s arid regions, severe sandstorms are unearthing and eroding buried treasures. And on … Read more “Climate Change Uncovers Our Past”

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Time Traveling in New Mexico

Citizen scientists of the Santa Fe National Forest Site Steward Program in New Mexico volunteer thousands of hours through difficult terrain to record observations at archeological sites, helping protect their scientific value for future research. Find out more about this project on SciStarter. Going out on a hike? Check out these cool projects that you … Read more “Time Traveling in New Mexico”

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Win a 25 million year old fossil at USA SciFest!

Non-profit citizen science organization Paleo Quest is very excited to partner with SciStarter at the USA Science and Engineering Festival (Hall DE, Booth Number 5337). Paleo Quest researcher John Nance will share marine fossils that are up to 25 million years old with attendees. Each fossil that will be on display was collected by the non-profit’s … Read more “Win a 25 million year old fossil at USA SciFest!”

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Uncovering ‘Ancient Lives’ With Citizen Science

The Ancient Lives project invites citizen scientists to transcribe ancient papyri texts from Greco-Roman Egypt. SciStarter is shuffling science into the language department. Explore the science of words with these citizen science projects! “One doesn’t have to call it weakness and cowardice, having to retreat, if it’s under the compulsion of a god: no, we … Read more “Uncovering ‘Ancient Lives’ With Citizen Science”

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What’s the Score?

The hills are alive with the sound of citizen science (and music)! Calling all music enthusiasts–the Bodleian Libraries are enlisting the help of the public in order to improve access to their music collections. About sixty-four boxes filled with unbound, uncatalogued sheet music from the mid-Victorian period has been digitized for public access. Although this … Read more “What’s the Score?”

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