Citizen Science, from a Librarian’s Perspective

Citizen science joins the general public with the scientific community in creating a collaborative relationship to increase scientific knowledge.  All kinds of people can take part in citizen science projects by collecting and sharing data.  The possibilities are endless, and the contributions are immense!  So, for me, it was only natural that I should become … Read more “Citizen Science, from a Librarian’s Perspective”

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National Library of Medicine Citizen Science Month Mini Grant Application

Anyone, anywhere can plan a Citizen Science Month program or effort, but we have a new opportunity for additional support! Libraries and library systems are invited to submit applications for the Citizen Science Month (CSM) Mini Grants of $5,000 to increase awareness of and engagement in Citizen Science Month events and supplemental programs. $5,000 grants … Read more “National Library of Medicine Citizen Science Month Mini Grant Application”

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The Library & Community Guide to Citizen Science

Hot off the (virtual) press…the Library & Community Guide to Citizen Science! Libraries are quickly becoming hubs for citizen science. Your library may already be involved in citizen science programming. If so, bravo! For countless others, citizen science is still a bit of a mystery. We created this guide to help you navigate the rapidly … Read more “The Library & Community Guide to Citizen Science”

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Planning Citizen Science Month 2021: April

April 2021 is Global Citizen Science Month, and SciStarter, the National Library of Medicine, Arizona State University, the Citizen Science Association and many other partners from around the world provide free resources, support and an event calendar to help you plan and promote your event. I’m Caroline Nickerson, SciStarter’s Program Manager for Global Citizen Science … Read more “Planning Citizen Science Month 2021: April”

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Summer Reading Meets Citizen Science

The summer series “Summer Reading Meets Citizen Science,” presented by the Network of the National Library of Medicine and, helped keep students, adults, and families engaged with reading and research to prevent “summer slide” learning loss. All events were online and open to all. Watch the recordings! Register for Events The National Network of … Read more “Summer Reading Meets Citizen Science”

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Webinar Recording: What We Learned from Citizen Science Month

Watch a webinar recording of “What We Learned from Citizen Science Month,” presented by SciStarter, ASU and the Network of the National Library of Medicine, and with an introduction from the Citizen Science Association. Because so many of you were a part of Citizen Science Month, we want to keep you informed about our outcomes! … Read more “Webinar Recording: What We Learned from Citizen Science Month”

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Preliminary Outcomes from CitSciMonth 2020

A version of this post was originally published on the Citizen Science Association Blog. First: thank you. Even with the unprecedented challenges, so many of you came together to make Global Citizen Science Month 2020 (April) a success. We are crunching numbers and assessing formative and summative evaluations so we can share a comprehensive report. … Read more “Preliminary Outcomes from CitSciMonth 2020”

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Citizen Science Month Education Webinar Series

Educators, parents, and lifelong learners joined Jill Nugent and the SciStarter team each Thursday at 8:00 PM ET during April’s Citizen Science Month for a five-part education webinar series. These webinars focused on sharing citizen science projects that are a great fit for the science learning environment, with an emphasis on projects that our distributed … Read more “Citizen Science Month Education Webinar Series”

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Five Ways to Honor Mother (Nature)

This post was originally published as a SciStarter newsletter. Sign up to receive bi-weekly citizen science in your inbox! Calling Mother Nature   Let’s show our appreciation for all the moms out there, including Mother Nature. Here are five ways to get started in projects that need your help. Pictured: SciStarter Founder, Darlene, and her … Read more “Five Ways to Honor Mother (Nature)”

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Recording: CitizenScience.Asia Webinar

Learn more about CitizenScience.Asia: CitizenScience.Asia (CS.Asia) is a regional organization that aims to foster and support citizen scientists around Asia. The goal is to promote citizen science, understand the challenges and facilitate solutions to build capacity in Asia through education, resource sharing, advocacy, and collaboration with global counterparts. Citizen Science Month Webinar This webinar … Read more “Recording: CitizenScience.Asia Webinar”

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