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Let’s play a game!

There’s still time to check off that resolution to give back, learn something new, explore nature or pick up a new skill by participating in citizen science! If you’re looking for a fun way to do it, try one of these online citizen science games from our SciStarter Affiliates. Help scientists unveil meaningful informati on on … Read more “Let’s play a game!”

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Score a Personalized SciStarter Explorer Certificate!

We sure love our SciStarter community and appreciate all you do for science. You deserve some credit for helping scientists answer important research questions! Now through December 31st, participate in any three projects featured on and you’ll get a personalized, downloadable SciStarter Explorer certificate. We’ll add it to your online SciStarter Profile but you … Read more “Score a Personalized SciStarter Explorer Certificate!”

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Four Ways (in One App) to Help NASA Study the Changing Planet

Researchers can accomplish amazing things these days with satellites — they can study clouds and climate, forests and land use change and even bird migrations. But with so much satellite data, it can be hard to match up measurements from the sky above with information about what’s actually on the ground. That’s where citizen scientists … Read more “Four Ways (in One App) to Help NASA Study the Changing Planet”

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Are Dogs Aware of Their Own Thinking? Volunteers with Canine Metacognition Put Pups to the Test!

Does a dog ever think, in their own way, “That sure looks like a squirrel, but I could be mistaken?”  Throughout history, humans have thought that our ability to reflect on our own thinking — what scientists call metacognition — distinguishes us from other animals. But there’s growing evidence that’s not the case. Researchers have … Read more “Are Dogs Aware of Their Own Thinking? Volunteers with Canine Metacognition Put Pups to the Test!”

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With SciQuest, You Can Help Us Study Citizen Science Itself

Last summer, my friend Henry Gargan became obsessed with birds. Everywhere I went with him — on a walk in the park, downtown or even driving in the car — became a birding expedition. The bird on the signpost had to be scoped out. That eerie call — a wood thrush or a hermit thrush? … Read more “With SciQuest, You Can Help Us Study Citizen Science Itself”

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Dog Days of Summer

National Dog Day is August 26. In honor of your furry friend, participate in these simple at-home projects to help researchers learn more about your pup! And use the Project Finder to search for exciting citizen science projects on any topic you can think of (yes, that includes cats). Cheers, The SciStarter Team  

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Six of Our Favorite New Citizen Science Projects

Every day, researchers who need your help add their projects to SciStarter, with topics spanning everything from canine cognition to space agriculture. We’re highlighting six of our favorite newly added projects — but don’t stop here! Use the Project Finder to search for the latest citizen science opportunities to save to your Dashboard. Cheers, The SciStarter Team

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A Canadian Summer of Science

Summer is still here in the Northern Hemisphere and many people are maximizing time spent outdoors as they enjoy the season’s sunshine and temperate weather. In this piece, we share citizen science summer opportunities tailored for our friends to the north, the Great North:  Canada!  Canada is home to numerous citizen science organizations and opportunities … Read more “A Canadian Summer of Science”

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Miss Louisiana Earth Invites You to Volunteer Online & Map Where Vital Wetlands Are Being Lost

Anyone, anywhere, at any time can turn their curiosity about nature into real-world impact by volunteering online with citizen science. Caroline Nickerson, Miss Louisiana Earth, is hosting an online challenge with SciStarter, Cartoscope, Healthy Gulf and Northeastern University for the general public from August 1 – August 14 to volunteer online and map land loss. … Read more “Miss Louisiana Earth Invites You to Volunteer Online & Map Where Vital Wetlands Are Being Lost”

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A young girl with short brown hair in a ponytail and a multicolored hooded sweater peers through green toy binoculars. She looks between wooden fenceposts along a bridge in a garden.

Lessons From Citizen Science During the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down in the spring of 2020, teachers, librarians, camp counsellors, park rangers and more found themselves scrambling to adapt. Although the virus drastically altered plans, the learning didn’t necessarily stop thanks to the tireless efforts of educators of all kinds.  In many cases, teachers and others found themselves … Read more “Lessons From Citizen Science During the Pandemic”

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