Spy on animals around the world while contributing to ecological research

You don’t need to go on a safari to see wild creatures in their natural habitats. There are a number of scientific studies of wild creatures that depend on the eyes of observers just like you. Take part to be transported (virtually) to ecosystems around the world through images and videos (sometimes even livestreams!) where … Read more “Spy on animals around the world while contributing to ecological research”

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Put the Fun in Fungi with SciStarter This Fall!

Think your backyard is filled with just plants and animals? Think again! Fungi, which comprise an entirely different kingdom of the natural world, can be found everywhere in nature. These hardy, surprising organisms carry out crucial processes on Earth, like recycling dead organic matter. Even so, fungi are still wildly understudied compared to plants and … Read more “Put the Fun in Fungi with SciStarter This Fall!”

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Do Science With, and For, Your Dog!

We’re in the dog days of summer, and National Dog Day is August 26. You and your pup can celebrate by doing a little science together (that’s right!) … and help researchers in the process. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few canine-related projects you can do, no pets required. Want a … Read more “Do Science With, and For, Your Dog!”

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5 ways to help combat pollutants to protect Earth

Pollution. It’s a pervasive problem that impacts all living things on Earth negatively. Here are five ways you can help combat pollutants and protect Earth’s natural resources. By reducing pollution and cleaning up our environment, we can all assist scientists in preserving our biosphere. Your participation matters! The SciStarter Team

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Volunteer Community Scientists Key to Pioneering UMaine Tick Study

A study led by researchers at the University of Maine spearheaded a new approach to finding where ticks love to lurk. The Maine Forest Tick Survey trained hundreds of woodland owners in Maine to systematically comb their properties for disease-toting ticks to discern how forest management may influence the pest’s prevalence. Ticks pose a growing … Read more “Volunteer Community Scientists Key to Pioneering UMaine Tick Study”

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5 ways you can aid environmental research with your camera

Did you know? Your camera (or smartphone) is a fantastic tool you can use to help scientists better understand the world and answer big questions affecting us and our planet. Next time you’re taking a walk, visiting a local park, heading out on an outdoor adventure or even just exploring your own basement, you can … Read more “5 ways you can aid environmental research with your camera”

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C*Sci 2023 – Reports From the Field!

Introduction Hundreds of delegates from around the world converged at Arizona State University (ASU) for the Citizen Science Association’s C*Sci 2023 conference, May 22-26, 2023 to exchange knowledge and help shape and advance opportunities to engage the public in scientific research. Summarizing a week of action-packed days in a single blog post won’t convey the … Read more “C*Sci 2023 – Reports From the Field!”

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Find fire, smoke and air quality monitors near you

According to AirNow.gov, ground-level ozone and airborne particles (like those generated by wildfires) are the two pollutants that pose the greatest threat to human health in this country. EPA developed the Air Quality Index (AQI) to make information available about the health effects of the five most common air pollutants, and how to avoid their … Read more “Find fire, smoke and air quality monitors near you”

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The aurora-like phenomenon known as STEVE over a mountain in Canada.

Citizen Science Observations Are Showing Up In Dozens of Published Research Papers

When you make citizen science observations, you might enter the information into an app, take a photo or answer a few questions in an online form and hit submit. That might be the end of your part of the process, but submitting a data point is just the first step in the long, rigorous journey … Read more “Citizen Science Observations Are Showing Up In Dozens of Published Research Papers”

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