Do Science With, and For, Your Dog!

We’re in the dog days of summer, and National Dog Day is August 26. You and your pup can celebrate by doing a little science together (that’s right!) … and help researchers in the process. Don’t have a dog? Don’t worry, we’ve got a few canine-related projects you can do, no pets required. Want a … Read more “Do Science With, and For, Your Dog!”

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5 ways to help combat pollutants to protect Earth

Pollution. It’s a pervasive problem that impacts all living things on Earth negatively. Here are five ways you can help combat pollutants and protect Earth’s natural resources. By reducing pollution and cleaning up our environment, we can all assist scientists in preserving our biosphere. Your participation matters! The SciStarter Team

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Girl Scout doing citizen science

The Power of Partnerships: How the “Think Like a Citizen Scientist” Journey on SciStarter Supported Girl Scouts in Learning and Taking Action

Our research team recently published a study highlighting how partnerships between SciStarter and facilitator organizations like the Girl Scouts of the USA provide a supportive context for extending learning and action associated with participation in citizen science. One of the most inspiring findings of this study was that the vast majority of girls participating in the … Read more “The Power of Partnerships: How the “Think Like a Citizen Scientist” Journey on SciStarter Supported Girl Scouts in Learning and Taking Action”

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Teachers Take on Citizen Science to Enhance Problem-Based Learning

Imagine a world in which students learn science and solve problems through contributing to real research with the help of a teacher’s guiding hand. In this world, students build confidence in collecting and identifying data, experience the scientific method through play, and participate in real research. Lucky for the students in Broward County Public Schools … Read more “Teachers Take on Citizen Science to Enhance Problem-Based Learning”

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How to make the most of

SciStarter provides free resources for all of our members, from customized Dashboards for citizen scientists to custom insights for project leaders. We highlight five popular resources here – for volunteers, project leaders, researchers and facilitators (including educators and librarians). And don’t forget our partner Science Near Me, which makes it easy to find science opportunities … Read more “How to make the most of”

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How to play in the snow…for science!

Winter weather offers many unique ways to collect and share observations that advance research. If you live in a snowy place, venture outside to measure snow depth. No snow in your area? You can contribute by observing a body of water throughout the winter or even reporting how and when storms change. By working together, … Read more “How to play in the snow…for science!”

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SciStarter’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

The best gift is one that keeps on giving, and these nifty tools and resources certainly fit the bill! We’ve got useful gifts for birdwatchers, skygazers and weather-trackers, as well as books that will inspire anyone’s curiosity. Even better, many of these ideas tie directly in with one or more citizen science projects on SciStarter. … Read more “SciStarter’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!”

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Two middle schoolers use their mobile phones to study cattails in a wetland area.

Citizen Science Goes to School

In this month’s SciStarter podcast, we’re heading back to school to see how teachers and even college professors are making citizen science a part of their classroom instruction. Participating in real science conducted by actual researchers can make science lessons come alive for students at all grade levels. Education leaders in Florida, North Carolina and … Read more “Citizen Science Goes to School”

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SciStarter LIVE! Science we can do together. Live webinar.

SciStarter LIVE

We’re thrilled to announce a new weekly series: SciStarter LIVE During these informal events, we’re going LIVE while we work through a citizen science project. You’ll have opportunities to hear from project leaders, get your questions answered, hang out with the SciStarter team and more. Just join us on Zoom or watch the live stream … Read more “SciStarter LIVE”

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Announcing: Science Near Me!

We’re excited to announce the launch of a brand new resource to help you easily find all kinds of science-related experiences: Science Near Me.  On the Science Near Me website, a simple search tool lets you look for things like nearby science festivals, planetarium events, citizen science projects from SciStarter, science policy forums, star-gazing events … Read more “Announcing: Science Near Me!”

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