Calling all Librarians: Citizen Science Day 2019 Invitation

Dear Librarian, Libraries and similar venues are public spaces where community members, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, economic level, or education level, can engage in a variety of activities.  May we suggest citizen science, which enables ordinary people to advance real scientific research?  Professional scientists need your help, and connecting through citizen science projects offers … Read more “Calling all Librarians: Citizen Science Day 2019 Invitation”

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LingoBoingo: Play Games, Make the World Smarter

Who doesn’t like playing games? What if you could play fun games online and in the process make the world a smarter place? That’s the idea behind LingoBoingo. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania’s Linguistic Data Consortium and department of Computer and Information Science, the University of Essex, Queen Mary University of London, the Université … Read more “LingoBoingo: Play Games, Make the World Smarter”

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Frankenstein Outside the Castle

It’s alive! The first time Mary Shelley introduced Dr. Frankenstein’s lab in her 1818 novel, she described it as “a solitary chamber, or rather cell, at the top of the house… I kept my workshop of filthy creation… The dissecting room and the slaughter-house furnished many of my materials.” Two hundred years later, researchers at … Read more “Frankenstein Outside the Castle”

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Democracy At Play – Constitution Day Challenge

Check out iCivics’  Democracy at Play challenge! National Constitution Week is September 17-22. To celebrate, we are partnering with iCivics, the nation’s leading provider of civic education, to help America raise its game. The Constitution is the heart of our democracy, but how well do we really know the rights it guarantees? Let’s find out. We’re … Read more “Democracy At Play – Constitution Day Challenge”

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Gaming Competition Supports Alzheimer’s Research

By Egle Marija Ramanauskaite, Citizen Science Coordinator at EyesOnALZ Stall Catchers – a citizen science game by the EyesOnALZ project, has just introduced a team feature and is running a team competition to #CrushALZ. The competition has kicked-off during the #CrowdCloudLIVE hangout following the premiere of The Crowd & The Cloud documentary on citizen science on April … Read more “Gaming Competition Supports Alzheimer’s Research”

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Stall Catchers: A Citizen Science Game to Combat Alzheimer’s

Guest post by: Egle Marija Ramanauskaite Some of you have been keen to hear more news about the project to fight Alzheimer’s – EyesOnALZ (formerly known as WeCureALZ), which we introduced in the earlier posts of this series. And guess what – we have big news to tell! And a brand new citizen science game … Read more “Stall Catchers: A Citizen Science Game to Combat Alzheimer’s”

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Augmented Reality in Citizen Science to Connect with Reality

Fables are fun ways to accept insights into our own lives. Fairy tales are enjoyable ways to inspire hope. Augmented reality games that overlay fantasy directly onto reality are a blast, plus they create a powerful lens to understand ourselves and the world. Citizen science is a lens on the world too. The intersection of … Read more “Augmented Reality in Citizen Science to Connect with Reality”

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Poké Around With Citizen Science

by Jennifer Cutraro By now, you’ve surely seen, heard about, or even joined the hordes of people wandering about outdoors,  phones held right in front of their faces. In the two weeks since Pokémon Go’s release, there’s been much ado about the game: how it gets people outdoors, how it promotes physical activity, how it’s … Read more “Poké Around With Citizen Science”

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The gamification of data analysis in cancer increases citizen contribution and reduces research time

Individuals diagnosed with muscle-invasive bladder cancer face a difficult treatment decision – intensive radiotherapy or complete surgical removal of their bladder. Each option has benefits and draw backs, and there are limited data available to patients and physicians to help predict which treatment might provide the best outcome. Dr. Anne Kiltie, Associate Professor of Radiation … Read more “The gamification of data analysis in cancer increases citizen contribution and reduces research time”

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