Four Smartfin surfers with surfboards and lab coats pose on the beach.

With Smartfin, Surfers Collect Ocean Data While They Hang Ten

Oceans give our world life. Phytoplankton breathe out 70 percent of our oxygen, and the oceans’  currents and other physical properties are responsible for our weather and climate. Scientists have long been keeping tabs on the ocean with vast networks of sensors, satellites and other equipment, in order to understand more about how it works … Read more “With Smartfin, Surfers Collect Ocean Data While They Hang Ten”

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Meet the Partners Hiking 17,000 Miles for Citizen Science and the Environment

On June 21, 2019, Sonya Richmond and Sean Morton took the first steps on an odyssey that would take them across the second-largest country on Earth. The duo is currently in the middle of a quest to walk the entirety of the Trans Canada Trail, a network of paths that stretches for thousands of miles … Read more “Meet the Partners Hiking 17,000 Miles for Citizen Science and the Environment”

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A Canadian Summer of Science

Summer is still here in the Northern Hemisphere and many people are maximizing time spent outdoors as they enjoy the season’s sunshine and temperate weather. In this piece, we share citizen science summer opportunities tailored for our friends to the north, the Great North:  Canada!  Canada is home to numerous citizen science organizations and opportunities … Read more “A Canadian Summer of Science”

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A young girl with short brown hair in a ponytail and a multicolored hooded sweater peers through green toy binoculars. She looks between wooden fenceposts along a bridge in a garden.

Lessons From Citizen Science During the Pandemic

When the COVID-19 pandemic shut the world down in the spring of 2020, teachers, librarians, camp counsellors, park rangers and more found themselves scrambling to adapt. Although the virus drastically altered plans, the learning didn’t necessarily stop thanks to the tireless efforts of educators of all kinds.  In many cases, teachers and others found themselves … Read more “Lessons From Citizen Science During the Pandemic”

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As Ghost Forests Spread, Researchers Ask for Help Keeping Track

  Have you seen a ghost forest? As sea levels rise around the world, coastlines are increasingly marked by lingering stands of dead trees. The cause of death isn’t a mystery. Sea level rise is intensifying the effects of flooding and pushing saltwater into low lying coastal ecosystems. That saltwater kills the trees, leaving behind … Read more “As Ghost Forests Spread, Researchers Ask for Help Keeping Track”

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Most People Aren’t Climate Scientists, But We Should Talk About Climate Change Anyway. Here’s How We Did It in North Carolina.

Do you find it hard to talk about climate change? You’re not alone. Surveys indicate that 72% of Americans report that they believe in climate change, but only 35% are talking about it regularly. Climate change is a challenging topic – reports of devastating wildfires, hurricanes and other events have increased in frequency, and discussing … Read more “Most People Aren’t Climate Scientists, But We Should Talk About Climate Change Anyway. Here’s How We Did It in North Carolina.”

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Watching plants with Project Budburst

Guest Post by Sarah Jones Learn more about Budburst on SciStarter. Link to Join Communities Across the World in Observing Plant Life Cycles – Any Plant, Any Place, Any Time! I haven’t always loved plants. I loved the animals that took shelter in branches, eating leaves and fruits. I loved the lake surrounded by trees … Read more “Watching plants with Project Budburst”

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monarch butterflies migrate

3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies

Every fall, declining day length triggers one of the most incredible phenomena found in nature: the annual fall migration of monarch butterflies. Across North America, monarchs undertake an epic journey – up to 3,000 miles – to reach their overwintering grounds in Mexico and the California coast. For the eastern population of monarchs, the migratory … Read more “3 Ways to Help Save Monarch Butterflies”

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Track Four Emerging Climate Hazards Near You

This post was originally published as a SciStarter newsletter. Sign up to receive bi-weekly citizen science in your inbox! Earth’s climate is undergoing change that poses multiple threats. The science community seeks your help in tracking four emerging climate hazards: sea-level rise, extreme temperatures, droughts and floods. Your safety always comes first. Please only participate in … Read more “Track Four Emerging Climate Hazards Near You”

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Spot-a-Bee: Mapping the Urban Bee Garden

This is a guest blog post from the Spot-a-Bee project. In these challenging times, when we are spending more time in our homes and neighbourhoods than many of us may have imagined possible, we at Spot-a-Bee have worked to develop a family learning approach, centred around the Spot-a-Bee citizen science project. The Spot-a-Bee project was … Read more “Spot-a-Bee: Mapping the Urban Bee Garden”

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