Much Ado About Mothing

Moths aren’t just butterflies’ homely cousins. They’re amazing, not only for their beauty, but for their incredible diversity (160,000 species!) and ingenious adaptations. With National Moth Week coming up, it’s the perfect time to get to know these extraordinary creatures. Also in this blog: upcoming events, activities for garden lovers, citizen science kits you can … Read more “Much Ado About Mothing”

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Dragonfly sitting on a stalk of wheat

Days of Dragonflies, Fireflies and Fly Fishing

It’s the season for emergences, whether you’re a dragonfly, firefly, periodical cicada or fly fishing enthusiast! The warm weather brings a variety of citizen science opportunities, some of them fleeting, so we hope you can get outdoors and experience the wonders of nature with your friends and family, and help document them for the many … Read more “Days of Dragonflies, Fireflies and Fly Fishing”

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Soaring North: Monitoring and Protecting Migrating Song and Shore Birds

Shorebirds fly thousands of miles each year along ancient and largely unknown migratory routes called flyways. But their populations are crashing amidst climate change and urban development. Global Big Day, on May 11, is your opportunity to get involved during this momentous global migration and help scientists understand how bird populations are changing. Participate in … Read more “Soaring North: Monitoring and Protecting Migrating Song and Shore Birds”

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Citizen Science Month and #OneMillionActsOfScience Needs You!

It’s a packed week, with Earth Day, Arbor Day, The City Nature Challenge and more! The last full week of Citizen Science Month is jam packed! It’s the week of Earth Day, Arbor Day, Noise Awareness Day, and the City Nature Challenge! Find a project and report your Act of Science here. Just creating a … Read more “Citizen Science Month and #OneMillionActsOfScience Needs You!”

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Car windshield with the message "Totality or Bust"

The Sun Takes Center Stage for Citizen Science Month Week 2

The solar eclipse is the big event of the second week of Citizen Science Month, with activities for folks who will be in the eclipse path and also for those who aren’t. There are also other great citizen science activities, celebrating National Pet Day, National Library Week, and more!  One Million Acts Of Science Challenge SciStarter … Read more “The Sun Takes Center Stage for Citizen Science Month Week 2”

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Spy on animals around the world while contributing to ecological research

You don’t need to go on a safari to see wild creatures in their natural habitats. There are a number of scientific studies of wild creatures that depend on the eyes of observers just like you. Take part to be transported (virtually) to ecosystems around the world through images and videos (sometimes even livestreams!) where … Read more “Spy on animals around the world while contributing to ecological research”

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SciStarter’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!

The best gift is one that keeps on giving, and these nifty tools and resources certainly fit the bill! We’ve got useful gifts for birdwatchers, skygazers and weather-trackers, as well as books that will inspire anyone’s curiosity. Even better, many of these ideas tie directly in with one or more citizen science projects on SciStarter. … Read more “SciStarter’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide Is Here!”

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Simple ways to learn about and help koalas, kangaroos, and coastlines

Looking for new ways to spend some of your spare time? Check out the SciStarter Affiliates page featuring dozens of gold-star projects linked directly to your SciStarter Dashboard. To get you started, we’re featuring five Affiliate projects below. Cheers! The SciStarter Team  

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Get Ready for International Observe the Moon Night On October 1!

  October 1st is International Observe the Moon Night!   Come together with fellow Moon enthusiasts and curious people worldwide to learn about lunar science and exploration, participate in celestial observations and honor our connection to the Moon. Our Moon will be near its first quarter ― a great time for observing.   Want to find … Read more “Get Ready for International Observe the Moon Night On October 1!”

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