Much Ado About Mothing

Moths aren’t just butterflies’ homely cousins. They’re amazing, not only for their beauty, but for their incredible diversity (160,000 species!) and ingenious adaptations. With National Moth Week coming up, it’s the perfect time to get to know these extraordinary creatures. Also in this blog: upcoming events, activities for garden lovers, citizen science kits you can … Read more “Much Ado About Mothing”

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Dive Into Summer Citizen Science

It’s July, ideal for cooling off with marine science exploration. In that spirit, here’s some wet and wild science research that needs your help. Sharks Are Jawsome! Just when you thought it was safe to go back to the television, it’s Shark Mania Season! If the wall to wall shark viewing frenzy puts you in … Read more “Dive Into Summer Citizen Science”

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Dragonfly sitting on a stalk of wheat

Days of Dragonflies, Fireflies and Fly Fishing

It’s the season for emergences, whether you’re a dragonfly, firefly, periodical cicada or fly fishing enthusiast! The warm weather brings a variety of citizen science opportunities, some of them fleeting, so we hope you can get outdoors and experience the wonders of nature with your friends and family, and help document them for the many … Read more “Days of Dragonflies, Fireflies and Fly Fishing”

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Citizen Science Month and #OneMillionActsOfScience Needs You!

It’s a packed week, with Earth Day, Arbor Day, The City Nature Challenge and more! The last full week of Citizen Science Month is jam packed! It’s the week of Earth Day, Arbor Day, Noise Awareness Day, and the City Nature Challenge! Find a project and report your Act of Science here. Just creating a … Read more “Citizen Science Month and #OneMillionActsOfScience Needs You!”

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Your Science Adventure(s) at Your Library

Themes, projects, and resources to support citizen science in your Summer Reading Program. Our partners at the Collaborative Summer Library Program have determined Adventure Begins at Your Library™ as this year’s summer reading theme! Check out how citizen science and STEM programming can support your summer reading programming for children, teens, and adults.  Engaging in … Read more “Your Science Adventure(s) at Your Library”

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Libraries are facilitating engagement in One Million Acts of Science this Citizen Science Month (April 2024)

Since 2017, SciStarter and Arizona State University and their collaborators including the National Girls Collaborative Project, STAR Net, and Network of the National Libraries of Medicine (NNLM), the Institute for Museum and Library Services, and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, have been supporting SciStarter’s growing network of libraries and library users to engage in … Read more “Libraries are facilitating engagement in One Million Acts of Science this Citizen Science Month (April 2024)”

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Stopping the Spread of Invasive Species

Burmese pythons! Northern Giant Hornets! Fig-Leaf Buttercups! Okay, not all invasive species sound frightening. But all of them destabilize ecosystems, threaten native species, and/or spread pathogens. That’s why, in honor of Invasive Species Awareness Week, we are sharing ways that you can join researchers identifying, monitoring and controlling the most destructive exotic species. Controlling invasive plants Invasive … Read more “Stopping the Spread of Invasive Species”

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SciStarter Brings Citizen Science to the MO Solar Eclipse Expo

Do you remember where you were on August 21, 2017? Chances are you were one of the 215 million American adults who viewed the solar eclipse directly or electronically! A solar eclipse is when the Moon passes between the Sun and the Earth.  There are TWO upcoming solar eclipses: one on October 14, 2023 and … Read more “SciStarter Brings Citizen Science to the MO Solar Eclipse Expo”

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Help NASA With Space- and Earth-Based Research!

How can you just sit there, reading this blog post and sipping on your coffee/tea/kombucha/pinot noir/Liquid Death when NASA needs your help with 36 different research projects? And not just pretend missions, designed to get you excited about space or teach you something. These are actual research missions to search for extraterrestrial life inhabiting distant … Read more “Help NASA With Space- and Earth-Based Research!”

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Avoid the “summer slide” with these cerebral activities for all ages.

Research indicates that over summer break, students can experience a “summer slide” that sets their learning back. One easy way to help prevent this is to keep the learning going during summer with fun projects and experiences. SciStarter makes it easy for learners of all ages to find activities that match interests, availability and more! … Read more “Avoid the “summer slide” with these cerebral activities for all ages.”

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